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Review created ritual

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Hi all...

here is the thought... I think it would be cool to review already created ritual, no editing, just review.

For example - I usually have 3-5 different rituals (different targets, different creatures, different actions) at the same time, but I tend to forget what is what :P and it would help A LOT if I could review created ritual before combat.

Lets say by hovering a ritual there could pop up a tool tip with info like this:

*Creature* - *action* - *target*

Or something in that manner...

What do you think about that?

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I think it's a very good idea and also there should be an option that would let you create rituals without have to click the attack button of other players, I mean, there should be a menu icon that would let you create, delete and manage rituals :lol:

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Well, it'd be useful, but it'd be work. For myself, I usually name the ritual its nature, i.e.: multiple/tree+daimon, chigrasan, grasan, CA, treetest, treedef, heal ele, singleatk. Mostly I use the name of creatures, what purpose it will serve or the targeting of most creatures in it. Although it doesn't include all the information what you suggested would, it helps me differentiate and I can usually remember the specifics if I've been using them lately.

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