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Daily little 'riddle'


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 I'm putting this here, since maybe there are some bored people who don't know about it.


Every day, I will be running a little game, for as long as I have the time. What one has to do is gather the verses scattered around Marind Bell, put them together and send the poem (it's not really a poem, since rhymed lines would prove no difficulty) to me. First one to send the correct form gets a silver coin. You only get one chance, so think about it carefully - but not too long. Winner is announced in chat.


This takes place only in MB.

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all in chat (reason for this 'format' is that there is no danger of lines being removed by friendly chatting:( ).


Edit: for Ary



I write a silly 'poem; say something like:

Once upon a time, there was a headless chicken

whose favorite treat was green chocolate.

It'd get fed everyday by a demon girl

and lay rotten tomatoes instead of eggs.

To make this even more absurd,

one time, the chicken didn't sleep for three days

and so, sleep-deprived, drowned into the pond

where the angien shrine is erected, creating an...

MD joke.

(yeah, these texts should be more ambiguous in order to act like 'real riddles', but sometimes I lack inspiration)

So I break it into lines and paste them into MB scenes in bold/blue font. There is no danger of them dissapearing, because I haven't seen a convo in MB lately, unless I started one :(( What one has to do is get all the lines (by walking throughout the land), put them into the correct form and send me the text. First correct message gets the silver coin.


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As much as I love the idea I feel that it could easily be spoilt by people using the obfuscator (it jumbles up the chat). Also, unless people are able to pull logs, then they might be removed by others chatting. The people with spell access could also use ear focus to see all of your verses without having to move or (if you go around and enter them in chat in the correct order) figuring out the order.


If you wanted it to last a full day, as chat messages disappear after 12 hours, I would suggest you add them to clickables. If you don't have access I'm more than happy to do so for you (as I'm usually on every day). If you send me a message with the daily riddle and where you want them I can run around and do them. That way they can't be ruined, be seen for the full day and people are less able to cheat. :)


It all depends on how bothered you (and the participants) are as to how the riddles are figured out. :)


Edit: Changed chat time from 6 to 12 hours.

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