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item mix - Herb Fertilizer

Muratus del Mur

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I receive all sorts of item mixing requests, some are obviously not good, some are obviously good, and some its hard to decide...so i will put them up for a vote. I will post multiple such topics, including some of the items i consider ok to mix..just to see what you think too.


Sasha Lilias suggested this:

problem, item can't be functional right now, there is no such functionality

problem2, too many consumed items for a single result




Combine the following ingredients and beat into a pulp:


  • Blade of grass
  • Bundle of stems
  • Dried flower petal
  • Dried leaves 
  • Blades off dried Grass
  • Plant Fibres 
  • Mineral water

Store in the following:


Glass Jar


To create:


Herb Fertilizer.




Item Name: Herb Fertilizer


Description: A combination of flora that has been pulped into a fertilizer for helping the growth of fresh herbs.


Item use ability: Increases production rate of herbs in the area for a day. (Perhaps by x2? As it's only for a day it would only effect that area for one regeneration)


Cool down : 24 hours




Reuses ; 10

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Re 1st problem: I was under the impression that functionality was not the aim of the game with this, but would be added if fitting or if WP requested and odd? Plus, the 'right now' shouldn't be a stopper. Buckets etc were made way before their functionality was considered by most people.


Re 2nd problem: Personally, I like the idea that some second level items will take only a few things, some medium level and then I would expect some to require a large amount depending what its for and if it makes sense. Could even be levels within levels. So for example make the herb fertiliser and then herb fertiliser as an item could be a base item used in one or more other 3rd level combos.



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In regards to item consumption:


I made a larger list of consumed items because I wasn't sure how many would be "too few", so I thought it was better to be safe than sorry.


A simple resolve to this would be to either remove one or two items OR perhaps even allow items such as this to be made by selecting 3 out of the list and combining them. So, so long as you have 3 of the 8 ingredients and also the jar, then you'd be able to create it?


As for the item functionality:


Again, I wasn't sure if it was meant to have a function or not, so better safe than sorry!


I think this, however, is the obvious function for such an item. Though for now it could just be another RP item that could eventually become coded. :)

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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