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Improvements for combat log

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I'm talking about the first part of combat log.

Isn't there any way of improving it? While in the game, or outside the game lots of people asked me what this text means... At first I didn't understood it ether, but good people in forum helped me :P

How about text formating? What is logsize for? Or strategy? Or actionnr? Or something? :P

And that array part?

For example instead of array part display something like this:

"You gained:

300 Value points

and increased

Briskines by 0.002

Power by 0.1"

And just don't show any of null values. Less text, more clarity...

Casualties: Enemy:100%, You:0%
heat You: 0, Enemy: 0
E lost: 92vit; A lost: vit;

	[vars] => Array
			[statsVp] => 0
			[statsXpl] => 0
			[statsAct] => 0

	[character] => Array
			[regeneration] => 0
			[energeticimmun] => 0
			[tradesense] => 0
			[briskness] => 0
			[initiative] => 0
			[defence] => 0
			[attack] => 0
			[power] => 0
	[something] => 1[/b]

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it's not like it's difficult to understand..you see what the stat is and what it's increased by. the rest you can write off as nonsense until you need it.

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OK, maybe it's not difficult to understand, but that way would be prettier :P

This all game is really nice to look at do why not combat logs too?

Maybe Manu wanted them to look more like someone's scribbled notes than the rest of the game. XD

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