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LHO Improvements - New MD Guide


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Since Nov Grido and I have been planning a new LHO system to introduce them. This will include a guide, and some basic questions and answers, including a mentor system for new LHO's.


The process would be that, when a new LHO is appointed they will  be assigned a mentor. This will be the person that will look after them and someone who they  can go to about everything. It would be expected they talk to their mentor weekly or so and report back many of the things they are asked and any problems. This would keep a new LHO held nicely above the water.


What content do you think should be in this new guide? Do you have any other comments about the process?


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i realyl like the idea, when i first started as LHO there was a few questions that i wasnt sure about, and would have to ask another LHO before i could give an answer, this would be pretty common with new LHOs and having a specific person that they could go to might help them much more, and give a more friendly personal touch to the system than just asking whoever you can find that can help you, we have LHOs for new players, why not LHOs for new LHOs?

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This sounds great! I don't think better training for LHOs could do any harm.


I think current LHOs (if they agree on this) should decide:

  1. The first set of mentor LHOs (and the requirements a LHO must meet to be eligible for the mentor position)
  2. The duration of time each new LHO must be under mentorship
  3. The frequency of mentor-apprentice meetings and discussions (once / week?)
  4. What to discuss during those meetings
  5. How to assess progress of the apprentice LHO.

The above is just a suggestion for structuring the discussion, IF it is agreed that this is something that is desired. :)

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If you create a guide, then you need someone to keep that guide up to date. If Grido doesn't have time, then you need an assigned person to do this. I would suggest this person then create a post with what they suggest for the guide as designing it is a task in and of itself which I wouldn't expect the playerbase to just come up with.



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  • Would the guide go on the wiki?
  • Does the wiki then become more of an LHO's responsibility?
  • If there is an answer to a question directly on the wiki should the LHO answer the question or provide a partial answer with a link to a more full answer on the wiki?
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