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MD 10th Anniversary - Scene Art Contest

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A Matter of Perspective


From now until the 23rd of April (the last day of the anniversary) I will be running an art contest. The Objective is to imagine yourself standing in an MD location, looking out, then draw what you see.

Your vantage point can be from anywhere in the location, however your artwork should include as few landmarks from the location you are actually in as possible.


Entries will be judged based on Art Quality, Creativity, and how easy it is to identify the scene you are actually in.

Any art style may be used, however you must be able to prove the work is your own and created for this quest (for this reason, hand drawn with a sign is usually best)

Entries may be sent to me through any means you have available.


This quest is intended to be fairly easy and open to all skill levels. As such, the final quality of rewards will reflect the level of effort that everyone puts into the contest. That said, during anniversaries generosity is the norm ;)


Judges - If you would like to be a judge, send me a private message (anyone asking in public will be excluded from being a judge for obvious reasons). Judges will not be able to participate.

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Ugh, sorry. I don't have any excuses. I was planning on doing the other art quests, but those fell by the wayside too. Not sure if I just didn't notice this or forgot about it. Also have had a cold for...far too long (I should get that checked out) but that's just an excuse.


It's likely not that it was way too hard, it's that many people, myself especially, have a severe lack of confidence when it comes to any art skills that they might have. Plus people forgetting about it.


Definitely a quest worth running again sometime though?

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2 reasons:


1) Not everyone is skilled. I personally can barely draw 2 straight lines. This quest requires lot of technique imo.

2) We had tons of other EASIER quests to attend. Your quest would have taken quite a lot of time and for a person not skilled it can become boreing/frustrating/etc. So why focus on one lengthly and hard quest when you can focus on 2 or 3 less time consuming and which require less skills (like me and the cake or the deadly weapon  - 30 mins each to draw while drawing a whole scene, for me...2 years :D).

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