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MD 10th Anniversary Word War I & II

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On the first day of the MD Birthday (14/04/15) there will be two "Word Wars" held. 



Word War (Part 1)


What do I do?


To compete in this first instalment of the word war, you must write an original piece to do with any aspect of MagicDuel (with a hint of birthday cheer thrown in for good measure!).


You may write a poem, a story, a sonnet, ode...whatever you wish - so long as it conforms to it's type. 


"Conforms to it's type"?


Yes. When entering a piece of work you should name it's category i.e. ode (lyrical poem to address a certain subject), sonnet (fourteen lines of ten syllables), etc. If you are unsure of it's conformity simple put "N/A".


When does it need to be in by?


Entries should be sent to me Via forum PM no later than 22:00ST 13/04/15 and may be in any time before.


How will a winner be decided?


The winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be decided by a panel of judges and forum poll.


Judges will be looking at:

  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • Conformity
  • Literacy
  • Spelling

What will the rewards be?


1st place - WP /Anni Imp

2nd place -  WP/Anni Imp (Whichever is left)

3rd place -  Soulweaver




Word War (Part 2)


Throughout the day Zleiphneir will be holding a "Rhyme off" inside the Gazebo of gravitational sound - MDA Gardens.


Small rewards will be given to all those that participate. 


Please read here for more details.

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To update Chewett's statement on anniversary aramors, it has now been announced in announcement 3410 that there will be an aramor this year. It's also worth noting that it will be the last new anniversary aramor, although new levels of old aramors may be added in the future. See announcement 3412 for the full details on this.

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