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Degradation of spell knowledge


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Chewett: It would be interesting if spells degraded as they were continually pumped into spellstone
Chewett: As a result of completely "forgetting" their uses, each time you pump all your knowledge into a stone
Chewett: Slowly over time, losing more and more true knowledge of the spell.

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This could be countered by the idea that practice makes perfect. The more experience you have at doing something the better you become or the more naturally it comes to you.


You already have the knowledge of it but that by putting it to use it evolves not degrades. I have knowledge of riding a bike, I have seen others do so, but once you ride a bike and have the experience of riding it. Then it becomes more than just knowledge and can not degrade to nothing. I know how to ride a bike and can go years without riding one. I have not forgotten how to ride one. At first I may be unbalanced, but I pick it back up quickly.


Same thing can go for anything that we experience. If I were to have knowledge of spells and cast them, then it would not be something that I easily forget. I would get better at casting them or find ways to better cast them. For it then becomes an experience.


I think there is a difference between knowledge and experience. Knowledge unused becomes tainted and fades. But knowledge and experience builds to become better than it originally was.

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Casting the spell yourself builds knowledge and experience, but, if simply writing about it, the details would fade. Perhaps have the total regenerable casts increase with continued use (up to a point at least), and decrease with continued use for spell stones? This would mean there is a way to counter the decrease from imprinting the thoughts on stones.

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The idea of spell casting ability increasing even for those who only have the spells through stones is something Mur brought up a long time ago - anyone able to find the link, it was on the forum from memory?

(I'd do it myself, but need to head to work :P)

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