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Deranged Parade Play

Time of the quest  

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This is a play, created spontaneously!
Each of the  characters will say/RP something, in a previously given order, until they create a story.
Every participant has 10 turns to use.  
April 22nd, 16:00 ST
 There are given characters:
  • -the bloodthirsty (killer) rabbit
  • -the cemetery (Suggestion: one could RP things that may happen in a cemetery environment: noises, movement of things, etc...,) -taken
  • -the life-sucking mosquito
  • -the lovable dog which also has a second head, which is that of a cat (how do they get along?)
  • -lots of ghouls (to be RPd by a person, as a whole)
  • -master of deranged ceremonies
  • -twin-headed lawyer 
  • -mutant rat wearing a bauta venetian mask 
  • -worn party costume in middle-life crisis
  • -knife-juggling jester
  • -pirate walking tree with human feet

For I want this quest (and whatever I do, generally) to be as fair as possible, I will make a scoring scale, so each participant can get points based on some clear criteria.

Scoring starts from 0, and every participant's performance gets 1 point for using each turn, and the following get a 1-10 points grading.

  • creativity 
  • relating their RP to the other's aka team work



Final scores:


Cemetery with an average of 18,66 --- Mirus


Dogcat with an average of 17,66 --- Aethon


Mosquito with an average of 16.66 --- Zleiph


Twinheaded Lawyer with an average of 16 --- Draconas




Congratulations!! Contact me for your rewards!






There were three judges, who gave separate scores for each character. Participants can ask me for details.


First place - Anniversary Aramor + 3GC

Second Place - Anniversary Aramor +2GC

Third Place - 1 GC


*This has originally been created by TheRichMerchant, but applied and turned into a contest by me.

Edited by Witty
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