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Over Excitement

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Hurry, Hurry, Hurry  http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/235-md-birthday-contests/


We are in the 48 hour count down people! Its coming soon to a screen near you, the grand, the small, the irreverent, the magnanimous, the creepy, the funny, its all there in less than 2 days! Oh yes, Birthday excitement has got me in its grip and I'm not afraid to yell it.


Lets give it up to our back-curtain ops Chew and BFH. Our Day hosts Sasha, Nim, Rophs, Dark Demon, Eagle Eye, Phantasm, Rikstar and Blackshade Rider. and who can forget the game owner himself, Mr Mur.


Oh yes, I'm excited, and with good reason. Have you SEEN the level of madness about to sweep itself shamelessly into your head and shake you all about?


If you think what you see on the forum is good, just wait til your character wakes up and has a cake stuffed in its mouth while its teleported into oblivion with a thousand squabbling party goers! Sounds like kidnap? It IS kidnap, and what could be more terrifyingly exciting than being kidnapped by your mates for a party? Worried you'll get tied to a lamp post with your pants down? I would be! You might be! It's all on the cards in MD this Bifday.


Now lets be honest people, we have some fuel on this fire with the prize bundles pounding their way into our reality, and what a prize bundle it has become, and its only growing! Just yesterday, a winged messenger squawked in my ear to UPGRADE! my prize bundles! and with 10 quests already set, that's no small feat! There are darklings, morphs, tainteds, items, wps, and the quests out there range from roleplay to craft to battle, there's definitely something for everyone.


Some quests from all us quest builders are already running, so get your flat caps on and have at them! and if you haven't made a quest yet? what are you waiting for!


....and if you're as excited as I am? Post here and let it all out!





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I am very excited;) I courage to everyone, everybody and to my fellow MD'ers to PARTICIPATE any of the quest of the day Host. The Big and awesome Rewards being given to all the winners.

Hoping the host of the 10th MD Birthday succeed and bring you the happiness.

LetsParty started and Lets enjoy the 10th MD Birthday anniversary and make things enjoyable.

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