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<<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> #25

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Greetings friends :)


Now, if you haven't guessed already, then let me help you - there are some changes to the rules, which I will put to your attention in the following words:


First and least important is the technological waiting time after the official end date for our Auctions - it's been reduced to 24 hours. I know this is debatable, but we will reserve the right to review it in the future if this turns out a too short interval.


Second is a new rule - "ban from further Auctions". This goes to everyone and everybody, who wishes to mess in each and every way with the current ongoing Auction. Any interfering with the Rules of the Auction and the general rules of the Forum can get you a ban from future Auctions, so keep this in mind.


Third and most important, is a complex major change to the Auction - it becomes a two-parts event, and let me explain how:

 - A side effect of this change is that nothing else than coins will be acknowledge as a valid bid. Everything else will be ignored.

- The start of the Auction will be 168 hours (7 days) after it has been announced. Anything put in the topic will also be ignored and if it's inappropriate can also get you a ban from the Auction. The purpose of this change is to give you some time to gather the funds you think you will need for the Auction, it's your choice how you will do it. Selling creatures or items can be one way, so we don't have to reevaluate them and disturb your inner peace with subjective judgment.


In the next post are the actual Rules and with them the countdown for the start of our new Auction has begun :)


Greetings everyone and everybody :D

Welcome to our 25th Gold Avatar Auction!

The time has come for You to golden Your own Avatar the way you like it!


Maybe you have guessed already - there is a catch, and...It is called Rules...

*Avatar Manager is waiting a little...then takes a deep breath and continues*

Now, if you are through with all the yelling and shouting, go and read them.

After that you can count your coins and proceed. ^_^


1) There is no minimum bid.

2) Post your Player's name, not ID, and don't forget your Bid.

3) The only valid bids are considered silver and gold coins

4) The highest bidder wins a Gold Avatar Token.

(Please, don't bid if you're sure you will be unable to finish any token or funds transaction in the next week after the auction has ended)

You can use it for various things, one, for example, is to make your own Avatar golden :)

(!!!Important!!!) Choose well the Avatar you apply the token on, because you are paying for an item, not a service.

If the artwork isn't good enough it won't get the right treatment.

5) You can golden as many avatars, as tokens you have. :cool:

6) If your Avatar for some reason proves to be stolen artwork from somewhere else outside MD, it might get confiscated.

The credit you spent for it will be returned. However, you will still have the Token for further use.

7) The funds raised are paid to Neno Veliki or Fire Starter, after that you get your Token. 

We are making sure the funds go to the TK's (Treasure Keepers) treasury.

Use PMs for payment if we aren't online at the current time you stumble upon us (keep some proof).

Once payment is confirmed we will make sure you get your Token as soon as possible.


8) Trying to artificially rise the price, and then withdraw your bid, will lead to unpleasant consequences.

(If you REALLY need to retract your bid, approach us first, and don't forget to bring the evidences)


9) Getting banned from future Auctions is an option, so please don't mess around with bids, bidders or avatar managers during the period, that the Auction is running.


This Auction will start from 1st of May and run until 10th of May,

(Winning will be the last bid, placed 24 hours after the previous one,

but no more than 24 hours after the end of the Auction.)

When those of you, who win, will receive a Gold Avatar Token, which will grant you the ability to golden your Avatar of choice. Keep in mind the rules when taking further actions.


Please, take a note, that winning the Gold Avatar Token isn't directly connected with goldening the avatar, so some time delay may apply.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are doing anything and everything in our powers to shorten the current delays as much as possible and this isn't a permanent issue.


Of course, if any questions arise, feel free to contact either of us, the Avatar managers (Neno Veliki and Fire Starter)

Please somebody to split the above, please. Thank you. And this can be deleted.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am glad to see you all that active after the rules have changed.


But, this Auction just got to a higher level. We have received a bid - 7 GC. The bid is put from an old friend of MD, Lazarus.


Umm...Lazarus is in jail and the rules say:


(Please, don't bid if you're sure you will be unable to finish any token or funds transaction in the next week after the auction has ended)


If he doesn't exit jail by then...how is  the transaction going to be perfected?

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  • Root Admin

He was supposed to have been in jail for 3 months I believe. Hasn't that time already passed?'


He should be out by now.


Unless anyone has any more recent information, his release was discussed between Mur and I (last week or so), and denied after he left a rather sweary message while discussing release. Unless something has happened I dont see him being able to compete in this auction.

Edited by Chewett
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LOL, you just couldn't hold on, could you?

Mirus, You have posted your bid nearly 3 hours after the deadline. Still I will accept it and wait 24h for the last bid of gonzalo. If there is none, then you will be the winner.

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