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Embracing the Taint - Wishpoint Quest

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I found princ's quest to rid yourself of the taint to be utterly barbaric! the taint is the only way to purity.so i decided to make this quest, balanc must be maintained and the people must have a choice! The task is to develop a spiritual and ritualistic way to embrace or reaffirm the taint within you (the NC taint, as this is a NC quest) you can include any medium that you wish, as long as it includes some description that explains the ritual process. 


There will be a WP awarded for the best entry,if the entry is of decent quality. 


The judging criteria will be similar to Princ's, reputation points on your post and my personal opinion and the opinion of any judges that are judging the quest, so post your entries in this topic. 

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With your satchel full of the necessary supplies, make your way to the Trial of Agony. Upon arrival, begin a chant, offering yourself to the Shades. While chanting, find the tree furthest from the other two, which has no hanged man. Begin to place six skulls around the base of the tree. With a silver dagger, make a slice down your palm, dripping your own blood upon the top of each skull. Creating an outer circle, begin to place sixty Toxic Plants around the base of the tree. Next, place a final, more outer ring of six hundred bones around the base of the tree. Bearing the Hang Man's Rope, fasten the rope upon a branch of the tree. Using a stepping stool, tie the Rope around your neck. Drink a vial of Lashtal's Black Liquid, ensuring to force it down. Once the Black Liquid has fully entered your system, kick the stool, hanging yourself. 


Upon your death, you will awaken into a new "life"... A darker one.


Ary is correct because we can never really rid ourselves of parts of who we are... They will always be there. However, we will be stronger if we acknowledge our weaknesses, and embrace them. "I know I am not very good at organization, but I will ensure my room is always a controlled mess... I will know where everything is, even if no one else ever does." Once the taint is a part of you, you are forever corrupt. Give in to the darkness.

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Bath in the fountain of dark vibrations for 3 days to get in the proper mind of being cleasned of other unpurities. The go to the house of liquid dust and fill og cup with the drippage and meditate on the front porch on death every day drinking a cup of it for 7 days and 7 nights.

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First, satisfy your senses, go to the location where taint is a strong ideology to you. This is individual in choice. Once there, sit a while. Let the environment rekindle that aspect of your mind until it is strong and vibrant as an idea in you. Bring others you feel bolster the concept should you choose.


Now collect some materials. Gather some ashes from the fire of burning books, some water from the caves of torment and a sharp tool. This can be anything from a knife to a sharp stone. Mix the ashes and water in a bowl into a pulp, then walk the realm and place a small knick in every tree you can find, followed by wiping some of the pulp in to the cut. As you do this, state 'one moment defines all others that spring from it', then stab the ground near the tree with your tool and rip it back from the ground leaving the hole as it is.


Once you have done this with all trees, move on to people. Subtly knick them with the tool when they are nearby and not paying attention. Apologise and smile, while basking in the minor shock they experience and possibly angry retaliation. Do this to 12 people.


At the Necrovian gates, carve a deep line in to your shin, then walk through. State 'so I enter and walk on legs I grew', then take some dirt from the ground and rub it in to the wound.


Use this tool ever more for all tasks that would need a sharp tool, and use your scar to recall the foundation you created.



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It's hard to discuss a process so very personal while staying on the 
concept of general taint. That's why I will look to go into specific forms, 
mostly rage, when talking about concrete process of embracing the taint.
The influence of shades and the creation of taint does not come naturally 
from ourselves, but with our interaction with the world, the rules and 
expectations it installs in us, and our reaction to it.
An urge that is in conflict with the rules of the enviromnent will be held 
Depending of the urge, it can be a matter of a huge potential energy.
It gives initiative, it gives purpose, and turns you into a very active 
element if only you accept it. Not without a price.
To be consumed by this energy, to be overwhelmed with it, it suffocates the 
remnants of your identity. Sometime it is temporary, until the energy is 
spent, ultimately releasing you from the taint bringing you closer to the 
balance of the mind, but sometime it is permanent.
A process to embrace the rage, and an attempt for it to be permanent, is to 
encourage the taint and amplify its stream:
1) Let go of everything that connects you with your own original identity 
and is not related to your pain and rage.
2) Preserve everything that remembers you of the source of pain.
In practice, those points would manifest somewhere along:
1) Change your avatar, find the appropriate one to symbolize just what you 
are now. Sell all your possessions unrelated to your new purpose, 
creatures, items, delete your papers.
2) Heretic Archer is your main creature now, it represents the aspect you 
want to use. The items or anything similar that is related with the source 
of your pain are now there, accented by the lack of anything else, as your 
scars and marks for everyone to see.
You will soon start to accumulate new things, with the soul reason to 
direct their symbolism towards your target, tools for rage to start.
With your acquired wealth made from the selling in phase 1 you might see to 
acquire killing items, or hire others to assist you.
You will have a daily ritual where you will recite the same poem, oath of a 
This will be done in a scene that awakens the thoughts about the root of 
your taint most clearly. It can be several scenes, in which case you will 
use them in a "tour" fashion, something for each to get.
Mantras, routine, focus, all in favor of 'washing' your mind and fortifying 
your new identity. As time goes by, you will be a shell capable of little 
else other than your designated purpose, and it will take extraordinary 
effort to stop and become 'normal'.
Necrovion encourages such aspects, it should be your new home from now on, 
although not necessary. Spending some time there periodically 'helps'.
If you are lucky enough for there to exist a faction which goals are 
unifiable with your own, join!
Transform the name of your spells accordingly.
People are social beings, they need interaction. If you can't find allies, 
by common belief or by trading favors, social interaction urge will be 
satisfied with striking your enemies. The pain and reaction you will cause 
in your own enemies will be a fitting preserver of your new identity.
You cannot stand still, there must always be action.
Every 'great' act you do will leave traces of your new identity, and of the 
glow of those traces you will also help maintain it.
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Taint a concept of the mind and spirit. It can come in many forms but to describe it simply, imagine a white stone that mud has dropped upon. The contrast between the two is clear and it does not seem... natural. If the mud is accepted and stays there over time the stone changes color experiencing something new. The mud and the stone is indistinguishable and is one thing. But if the mud is washed off by rain it will stay white for a while. Though over time the stone will be eroded to pieces mixing with the soil around it becoming tainted by its own environment.


Everything becomes tainted, whether it is a new idea taking root in the mind, an affliction upon the body, or life itself.


So a way to embrace the NC taint is to enter a state of mind to accept all part of your mind, body, and soul. Regardless of what will stare you in the face.


To do this, entering a trance will be beneficial. Gather the following items:

Glass bowl, skull, or other container.

Unidentified plants, toxic plants, tea leaves, aromatic herbs and nightshade. (the amounts used will vary from person to person)

dagger, knife, or sharp implement

Decorated Candle (preferably from sages keep, but other candles can be used)

Incense with Incense burner

Rock or small round object






Go to the House of Tainted Times.

Draw a circle with the chalk large enough for you to sit down inside with all the items.

Place the candle infront of you, the dagger to the left with the cake next to it,  the bowl to the right of the candle with the rock beside it, the plant material just beyond the bowl, and the incense to the right of the bowl.


Light the incense and what for its smell to surround you.

With in the bowl place the unidentified plants, tea leaves, and toxic plants. Add a little bit of water to the bowl and let it set for 10 minutes. Tie the aromatic herbs and nightshade together. Lite the candle and wait until the wax starts running down it's side. Place the tip of the tied aromatic herbs and nightshade into the flame of the candle. Waff the burn herbs scent around you, breath in and out deeply. Take notice of the mingling of scents. Place the tied burning herbs into the bowl of water and plant materials.


Take the knife and dip it into the bowl. Stir the bowl and then cut your palm with the knife. Allow your blood to drop into the bowl until the water turns dark. Stir the contents of the bowl with the tip of the knife again and set the knife down. Pick up the stone and dip it into the bowl.


Then place the stone close to you, almost touching. Give the cake as offering to the shades or spirits to hopefully allow safe passage within your mind as the ritual takes hold.


The stone acts as a connection between the realm of your mind/spirit and the physical realm that you are currently in.


The ritual ends when you make your way back to the physical plain. Take the incense and extinguish it in the bowl. The pour some of the liquid from the bowl on to the candle, thus tainting the candle. Break the circle by wiping away the chalk. Walk to the way of cleansing to toss into the fire the cake and rest of the contents of the bowl.


Keep the candle and lite it any time when you want to enter another trance. Though lighting the tainted candle would only have mild effects of the trance. To enter a trance fully the ritual would need to be repeated.


-Assira the Black

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  • Root Admin

The important thing to mention, is that there is a very specific thing in MD that is "the taint" and actually very few members actually have this. It is a specifically defined thing based on accounts and lore. Mur mentioned it recently ingame when people were RP'ing the taint and no one actually listened, then we moved onto something else.

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"grow together"

you know when you feel you have to do something and it seems too much work well...do the chore in order the get some tolerance levels..since you know...if you can't control the taint at least partially it controls you,also one must keep in mind this is not an attempt on redemption or some kind of strange balance concept, but a necessary "evil" (obviously if you can't fuse with that thing at every point not only it's "fairly" useless but what's the point?),still the thing is..the taint loves control beyond all else and if you are unable to not let taint
control you completely, let's just say..taint will lose volume, that's a danger as well because taint is drawn to power basically, to kind of power that can be likened to double edged sword so i should say one's aim here must be to beat the taint to it's face,you will make that uncontrollable thing your slave only to see it slip from your hands to return as better than before.  p.s. i have no life :D

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The Taint will eventually call, and you will undoubtedly hear it. Depending on the strength of its call (measured by how badly it feels that you would be a good addition) and the strength of your resolve (how connected you are to whatever else), this call will be answered sooner or later, but not never. The Taint has time and diversity on its side. As time goes forward, things change, and no matter how cunning one deems him/herself, they will never outwit these natural laws.


Ritualistic or spiritualistic methods? Your every day actions are a part of these categories. Waking up, eating, walking, talking, watching, working, playing, sleeping, loving, hating... you name it; they are all rituals which can be combined into millions of billions of trillions of possible "roads", most of which are "owned" by the Taint. The statistical probability of being directed on a "clean road" is almost non-existent.


Still, I'll humor the idea.


When you hear the Taint, you'll know what you're hearing. Once this happens, you follow it or die trying, because there will be no turning back; there will be no "forgiveness". And I'm not referring to "the light" when I talk about forgiveness. Turn your back on the Taint, and it will bite... hard. So be ready to risk everything you've ever known, and lose everything you've ever been.


Begin by collecting and ridding yourself of your physical elements connecting you to your past; gather it all in one place, leave some gold next to it and a note instructing whoever finds the pile to burn it, along with the note, and keep the gold. Make sure you add the most horrid threat you can think of in that note, so that whoever finds it won't think twice about not following the instructions on it. This way, you will have no longer have any connection to your belongings.


Now comes the difficult part.


Find a way into Necrovion, and remain there. Wander that desert realm until you can wander no more. Day... after day... after day... keep going until you forget what you're trying to achieve. Ignore the pain, ignore the hunger... it doesn't matter if you feel your last breath is upon you, because you're already on your way. You either get lucky enough to see it through, or you cease to be - either from failure, or the Taint's bite provided you're thinking of turning back.


This isn't a journey many can survive, but those who do are reborn anew. They will know and feel nothing other than the Taint; everything else will have been lost and forgotten. And as they gave themselves freely to it, the Taint shall give back. It will be in their every actions, leading them where it needs them; it will keep them safe to the very end, for everyone and everything has a use, no matter the state. It will reward them with ease of existence. What more could one want?


There is no denying it. There is no better way. Are you still with me? Who am I?

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  • 2 weeks later...

quest judging is done and over and the entries were based on the following:


creativity 1-10
how creative and unique the ritual was, but with relative content.
expression 1-10
how well the idea was portrayed and how efficient any given emotion was conveyed. 
relativeness 1-10
how relative the ritual/process was to embracing ones taint/darker natures . 
symbolism 1-10 
how well the writing explored deeper aspects of human nature
personal 1-5
how personal  the ritual idea was to the player, higher points awarded for the more personal explorations of their nature, lower points to be given for more general processes. 
the scores are as follows, a total of points from 2 judges(of which i was not) and the forum rep
Dragual Monarth: 23 25 0 = 48
MRWander: 12 14 0 = 26
Zleiphneir: 26 26 1 = 53
Jubaris: 26 25 0 = 51
Rophs: 10 13 0  = 23
Assira the black: 25 27 0 = 52
ignnus: 16 19 0 = 35 
Myth: 27 28 0 = 55
this puts the final placing as follows:
First place: Mythrandir, 55
Second place: Zleiphneir, 53
Third: Assira the Black, 52
Mythrandir will receive the WP and i will award 1 GC to both Assira and Z, even though unstated in the original post

rewards have been given out already : )

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