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Positives over negatives!


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So, I've noticed through reading forums and listening to what people have told me that there's always quite a bit of conflict, negativity and...exchange of less "pleasant" talk.


I feel there isn't quite the balancing amount of positivity, so I'd like to try and change that.


There's a few things you could do here and I'll list a few. :)


  1. Give someone a compliment! - Feel like there's someone that's doing really well at something? Someone that you're good friends with that you just want to say something nice about? Whatever your reason, give someone a shout out and say something positive about them or their work!
  2. Every time you make a negative comment, make a positive one here! - It could be a congratulations, it could be the above idea or it could even be something good about the game?

I know many of you will laugh or roll your eyes at it, but you'll be surprised how easy it is to make even one positive comment, about someone or something, and how often it can have a big impact on someone!


I don't expect you all to love this, or even take part, but it would be nice to see some positivity balancing out the negativity! :D


It doesn't take long to say a few words. :)


(You could take Chewett's "Dedication to a friend" quest as an example of what to write!)


So to start things off:


Syrian - You've been there since the very beginning and you're still putting up with me! Guiding when I get lost, helping me when I get confused and training me (because I'm weak :(). Thank you for your patience and guidance, I consider you a good friend! :)


Lintara -  Again, you've been there since the beginning and you made me feel so welcome! You're always so happy and bubbly it becomes infectious!  So thank you. :D


Neno Veliki - I don't know you in game yet, but I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on your marriage! Hope you had a lovely day and here's to the rest of your life with the one you love! Congratulations! ^.^


Aeoshattr - You may be quiet, grumpy and still annoyed that I suited the name "Aeos" better than you :P but you're an awesome person to roleplay with and talk to. Thank you :)


Story Makers - I have no idea what it was like before but I've heard people say that RP of such sorts as you orchestrate had been dead for a long time. Well thank you for reviving it. It's been great fun so far and it has definitely helped me to become integrated into the game and it's society quicker! :D

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Wow! Absolutely cool! 


First positive thing - This idea! its awesome and for a new player to grow and integrate so quickly is amazing! You're really impressive Aethon. :)


Vladan -  My good training friend! Always willing to make rits and expend his vit on my training. The Story mode MP progression bug may be a negative thing, but he has made a positive thing come out of it! Which is he said i could still train while the bug is being fixed! :) cool eh? Positive in the negative :) Life's like that! There's always something good that can come out of things!


My friends! Including, but not limited to: Wittylewat, Sasha Lilias, Jadendew, Nimrodel, Jester, Princ Rhaegar, Asthir are all people i enjoy talking to and interacting with! Thanks for being a friend! :)


Chewett - For fixing bugs, coding progress. Not for you i guess there would be much less to enjoy here in MD, and much more bugs running ard :)

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Muratus del Mur - He doesn't have a problem with noobs! In fact, he'll happily play mean pranks on them (like get them drunk.) That's a positive I guess!


WittyLeWatt - Always helpful, always fun and always a friendly person to be around! Proud to call her a friend :)


I reached all requirements to progress to MP4 where I'll start training my stats properly! :D

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Ah, why the hell not? I need to turn my karma around anyway. :D


Compliments and something:


Syrian - I like the way you role-play and I don't think I met anyone better at pickle management than you;

Lintara - You are so positive and plain kind all the time that I always saw you like one of those rare blessings;

Dst - Seriously, woman. Thank you for the books. Whenever I have time, I devour them and oddly enough they keep me sane;

Sunfire -  I always enjoyed our talks. Great skill in keeping up with the topic and bringing different perspective;

Eara - Thank you for showing me such great friendship and bringing me back to reality and slapping wild and wide smiles to my face;

Aeoshattr - Great humor and manners. Honestly, thank you for the laughs and teaching me more diplomacy than I already knew;

Asthir - Great stalking skills. You use well every method I taught you. :D Also,everybody beware! He is a horrible competitor in quests if he has the proper time to participate. (yes, this is a compliment);

Nimrodel - Very creative. You had some of the most enjoyable quests and you are very funny no matter if tired or well rested;

Ary and his Endleg - Has a great mind pattern and can adapt to probably any type of situation or subject. You go, Ary!


I'll probably add more as my memory starts to poke me again. 

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