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Curi Did a Thing....


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I haven't written anything like this in a long time. And so it makes me very happy to know I can still write. But anywho. I wrote this, and I want to share, and I want thoughts and I want critiques. Please and thank you, would you please?


Ship's Safe Harbor


It is the way the rain falls; without care or precision. It just falls. Like the way your hands fell-- inanimate,  while the color drained from your face. And I recalled the day you laid in bed with a half written smile. It was so full of stories, things you never shared, things I wanted to know about the world out there. Where the waves crashed against the boulders and the sea salt stung your face. You never told me about how the wind whistled in your ear of promise and adventure, nor how the sky, in its vastness, foretold the future. 


You were so young when you started. Just a boy who didn't know any better, just knew that he had a calling. Didn't care about the tales of creatures or illness.  You had a heart made of glass that only grew more robust every time you landed along the shore with your feet digging into the hot sand. 


Months, you disappeared. Without letter or word or thought to note your situation. Upon return, it was like you never showed; just a ghost to haunt the memories that still existed. But here you are, not a ghost, but not a man, either. The rain is still falling, and I remember how much you loved that rain. Doesn't matter if the storm hit while on ship, or while you chased those tides. The water in its various forms was yours and you could read it like the best of them. 


Like that time you came home drenched and nearly caught your death. Yet you beamed with such enthusiasm. You smiled so wide and you waved your lantern and you cried out in a cheer that you were home. 


But now you are here. The same curious light in your eyes has passed. The same ocean green that reminded me so much of those thunderous waves has faded. It is lackluster even though I try as I might to remember the life. Every day you risked your life, catching whatever you could whenever you had to. Not out of duty, not out of praise, but for the sake of wanting to feel alive. To feel the adrenaline rush that comes with chaos and unknown. 


No matter where you went you sought that excitement. Contagious, it was. With a wide brimming grin, and a chortle that was infectious. You were unmistakable; everyone knew you. Ironically, though, now you are alone. 


You won't be able to travel the wide berth of water. You won't smell of salt, sweat, and blood. But you are here. And you are home at last, where you won't fear being forgotten. All your scares and frights are gone now because I will remember you and your honor and your light. No more will you fear being lost at sea, dying without the comfort of those who care. 


Right now, you are safe. In your ship's safe harbor. 

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first some unnecessary info (don't read here) :
I've grew up among THE hippie republic (my hometown Izmir = most hardcore\in worst shape\faking sharks kind of libbies gathered, and my neighborhood is literally called coldwell)..result is permanent brain damage.

This piece reminds me of the times when i catch myself showing extreme interest on something new and it is short lived(3 second), it's all because of a sneering/exploding ego who endlessly whistles nasty things to my ear..then i realize the only way i can get some peace at all is to find someone/something who i can't mimic successfully, like a power source which experience shows eventually will degrade even before naturally running out/some people would call that loser. Long story short:  have some backbone and just die if you are dead instead of sticking to concepts like equality and goodness..grrr


So that's why playing Md has been fun for me.

After that ridiculous bit i must say this was an awesome read...most people lack and love that "i care" vibe, not sure how this would be received by general public, cause it is very personal and not "professional" enough, however this story is gold and if only there were a lot more like these..

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