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I confirmed the state above february.

February not my Account and not my ALT




Trading inquisitor does not allow you to trade creatures with this account. 
Probably it is an alternate account of yours or you accessed it in the past. 
There might be also other reasons for a trading restriction between these two accounts. 
Trading Advisor voted against this trade.

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  • Root Admin

HHmmm..... ok I will contact him.. That's if he will pay attention to my queries.. since we're Best of friends..

I pay attention to all queries equally, they get prioritised and dealt with. You keep saying I dont like you... but since I have no clue what you mean you just confuse me, is it that you dont like me?

You are alts since you used the same mobile IP address multiple times. Edited by Chewett
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  • Root Admin

Same phone company.

No. Each phone will have a unique IP in the company an depending on how they work it you will likely get it changed now and then. If you are on the same phone network or same isp as someone else you possibly could be given the IP someone else used. It works just like your internet connection.

The problem we have is that now the working altchecker more people are caught. I have a number of people who are not alts but since they shared an IP once at a meetup or something then they are alts.

I am considering some decisions since murs opinion was to never de alt people but I am likely to do so for some to be kind.
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  • Root Admin

How you mean "no" yet the rest of your post confirms what I was saying? O.o

You implied that a single phone company had a single IP.

Its works the same as your home internet, there is a pool and they are given out and revoked periodically.
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