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NML - Introduction New Arrival - Wideberth

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Ummm hello, I hope this is the correct place to do this and I'm terribly sorry if it isn't, everything is just a bit of a fuzz at the moment.


When I first awoke here, don't ask me how I got here as I have absolutely no idea, I was approached by a rather gurseome looking chap who seemed to be riding a dog. Normally I'm rather fond of dogs, but this one didn't seem to be the sort to loll by my living room fire begging for treats, so I didn't whistle or throw a stick for him. Actually that might have been amusing, most dogs like to chase sticks and perhaps it would have been fun to watch.


Anyway, sorry I tend to wander off on a tangent, where was I?


Ahh yes this chap introduced himself as Blackshade Rider, I presuem Blackshade was the dog's name, unusual as most dofgs are called Fido, Toby or something. Anyway, despite his appearance he seemed rather friendly and asked me to be his apprentice, although I'm still not sure what that fully means, running tasks I presume, delivering messages that sort of thing. I did collect some herbs for him in my pockets but got stung by some nettles, then someone gave me a basket, which stopped my trousers getting soggy.


Ahh, anyway I follow along with him for a while, he gives me some rather strange creatures with which to play, and well that's about it. I'm trying to find my way around, to get home possibly, although my memory seems to have failed, just get the odd impression now and then, mostly about metal and stone.


Seems a nice place, apart from some guards at a shop who were rather abrupt in refusing my entrance, umm and rather abusing my entrance if I'm to be honest. I wouldn't have minded but I did say "please", and pointed out that I really only wanted some tea; my flask was running low at that point you see, and I really am most truculent without tea.


So whilst I'm here, apart from being beaten by guards, trees and MRF, and helping Blackshade, I'm looking for a good supply of tea, so that I can open a tea room somewhere nice. Or maybe I'll remember how I got here and work my way home, wherever that may be. Seem to recall that someone was waiting for me there, or possibly something. The way my luck goes it probably wasn't anything very nice, nice seems to be something that happens to other people.


But if you see me ambling along, please say hello, I'm rather a nice chap and won't intentionally cause offence, though some trees seemed to take my mere presence as an offence, and oh yes please try not to hit me too often; I've had a lot of that happening sicne I got here. Oh and if you have any tea, cake or biscuits, not the weird magical kind, just simple hom-made fayre, I'd be more than happy to help you finish them off.


Kind regards

Wideberth (possibly something else but I seem to recall remembering I should keep a wide berth of something before I woke up here, but can't rememebr what it was. So Wideberth was the last thing I can remember and it sort of stuck as what to call myself, possibly)



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