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Shadow of the Colossus

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Sorry for the long absence, and make no mistake, it continues :(


That being out of the way, i've recently started to check in again more regularly, and found myself stuck on a very specific part of my personal researches. And since i'm generally a nice guy and stuff, i'll give you folks a chance to participate. This is going to be a public 'research project' with rewards, including some drach charms!


I know you're not reading the interesting part before i spit out how you get a reward anyway, so here it goes: I'll give out shiny rewards merely based on my personal likings. You can improve your chances by adding interesting parts to this project or by giving reasons why someone else is likely wrong, and others can improve your chances by giving a thumbs-up to your posts, but i won't give too much thought about your ratings. The main part is participating and showing off that you can draw conclusions and connections in an MD way.



Now, here's the fun bit:

You folks surely know about the Aramory. Some of you might also know about War Hold. In my opinion, those two locations are proof for a fairly clear bit of history. What story might that be, and more importantly, can you provide evidence that supports your version of events?


You might want to read up on "the cube", the connections between the lands, and the history of golemus and loreroot before you start discussing. Also, while there is no 'wrong' theory in MD, you might want to have a convincing opinion before posting, lest you wish to be scolded by a bunch of research cracks. Yeah, we still have those.



Also, last but not least, i encourage everyone to participate in the research efforts, but i'll only bestow rewards on players with less than 1000 active days. Bring it on, upcoming research elite!

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A boat is sailing to Golemus and is fired upon from the catapults. It sustains damage and is forced to crash and become the Wraith Wreak. Then the Tiny Men get out of their boat, destroy the lighthouse, and build the Tempest fort. Why would the Tiny Men come from the West? Trouble is brewing in the West, war is upon them and the Tiny Men don't want to wear their Aramors and fight. They destroy the lighthouse so that if the Aramors try to follow they will have trouble finding the island.

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:excl: Warning: Long post to follow.

[spoiler]Perhaps, long ago, there was a large Aramor created in the land of Golemus. It's purpose? To act as a sentinel of sorts, patrolling the areas around the bridge that connects Golemus to No Man’s Land, and the others beyond it. This Aramor was the first of its kind and was quite capable, imbued with great intelligence and wisdom, but also ferocity, for it would need such power to defend itself and the land it was charged with protecting.

The people of Loreroot, though, saw the behemoth and claimed it was an abomination of technology that ran counter to the Ways of the Land and of nature itself, and concluded that something had to be done to it: it had to be dismantled. Forever.

Whatever the plan was or whatever it involved, it would seem that part of it was to lure the sentinel to a predetermined area outside of Golemus’ influence -- maybe this served as part of its power source? The evidence would lend itself to the conclusion that the plan was successful, as the Aramory exists in its current state. It’s the shell of Aramor Prime. But, if you look closely, you can see that something seems to be missing from the Aramory. "What?" You ask? Why a head of course..


What happened to it?

You already know the answer, don't you? It is now located in War Hold.


But why?

Well, as I stated already, for a sentinel to be effective in its job, it has to be intelligent, wise, sure of itself, and, maybe, even capable of commanding those with whom it would fight off enemies. …doesn’t this sound familiar? The Lorerootians of the time also knew of the Aramor Prime’s abilities, and determined they were located within its head. After the battle (or whatever it was), the head -- likely also seen as a trophy -- was transported and placed where it is now.


When you next pass the Hold, take a moment to look at the expression on the face; anyone can see that it’s not one of joy -- in fact, there isn't even a hint of happiness. To me, it’s clearly crying out in one fashion or another. Is it angry? Anguished? Sad? Frustrated? Perhaps all of the aforementioned? Who knows, and perhaps it doesn’t matter, for that’s where it is now, and is likely to stay forever.

The scouts and knators have been affected by, and benefited greatly from, the magics imbued into the Aramor Prime’s head. And why does this matter? Because of what’s left behind in the Aramor Prime’s shell: emptiness and chaos.




To expand a little:


What are the creatures that are available from the Aramory? Without actually naming them, a common theme runs through them: they are all very simple, basic entities that, frankly, are more or less weak overall. They are empty, barren, and chaotic. Perhaps they represent the land in which they are found? I mean, there's little of value to be had within No Man's Land. It's not quite a wasteland, but there is little there that many find valuable (which may just be egoism unable to find worth in what little there is). Or, maybe, they reflect aspects of the minds of those who come here at first--little knowledge, little understanding, and, most likely, a sensation of being overwhelmed.

...maybe this is what happened to the Aramor Prime? It, too, was empty, confused, and felt it had little left to do, simply falling apart where it stood.

War Hold, in contrast, is found in a verdant forest, rich with life and people and even, some might say, civilization. All this is very different from what is found in No Man's Land.

This is reflected in the types of creatures that one can find within War Hold. There one may take in a young knator or an inexperienced scout. These two beings are, again, in contrast to the ones found in the Aramory, quite able to progress in ability, becoming quite accomplished combatants.

As for a theme, one might be tempted to look at the two and say something like, "One represents the Wild, the Untamed, the Powerful, while the other represents Discipline, Civilization and Dedication."


And this person would be right... and wrong...


The thing is, while the knator begins as a wild beast, as it grows and changes, it becomes more intelligent and capable of many more things. It was told to me that the Knator Commander was a being of great wit and intelligence, integrity and creativity! Whatever the case, Knators begin as one thing and then become so much more.

So maybe the theme is change? Well, that could be it, but change comes to most everything, so that would be a fairly weak theme. No, I would state the theme for the creatures in War Hold to be “Refinement.” In both cases -- for the inexperienced scout and the young Knator -- as they learn and grow, each becomes more refined in their natural abilities. The knator, once wild and powerful, becomes only more powerful, but articulate and passionate, able to command whole armies while still crushing opponents with ease. The scout grows similarly, going from inexperienced and unsure to a being capable of placing an arrow nearly anywhere you desire.

So, yes, I'd dare say it’s Refinement, for the War Hold.

Of course, though, that doesn’t really explain a connection between the two places other than the obvious: they are places where creatures come from.
but isn’t that enough?



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To respond to some questions that arose:

- This 'quest' will likely not end, ever. You can try as often as you like, too.

- If i think that i need to reward somebody, i'll announce it here, so everyone knows about it.

- Yes, Shadow of the Colossus is absolutely awesome, and if you have any chance to get your hands on it, play it, even if the graphics are outdated!

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[spoiler]One reality shattered, pieces revealed as sides of the cube. Only coming into existence as time flows by to show a new piece or remove the dust from a piece in view. The shattering is shown through the paths and sights of old battles that tore apart the reality of what had been a complete cube.


In this example of the Aramory and War Hold, the paths leading up to them show a stronger connection. It is a mostly solid stone path that breaks away as it gets further from those two locations. Stones becoming buried in the soil, cracked, and broken. The paths lie broken and disconnected...  this is not only seen in the stones on the path but also a break in the bridge from Fortune's Well to Oak Fort. As if everything once was connected or was one.


That is not the only connection that the Aramory has to Loreroot. One of the creatures Grasan has its roots in the Hollow Den. But the Aramory also is connected to other lands like Necrovion and GG but connections between all the lands is a bit bigger puzzle to try to solve.


On the paths from the Aramory and to Hollow Den more connections can be made between these two lands. Clash of ages and Siege Crest, Fields of Abandonment and Golems' Mill, House of Liquid Dust and Defensive Quarters, Hollow's den and Fenths Beach... Not all are a direct reflection of each other in location... but in the details of what is there.



Clues can also be seen at Meeting of the Roads... paths connect but three cubes lay broken or buried... hinting to what once a single, complete cube that is shattered into incomplete sides. It seems one cube is missing at the Meeting of the Roads making it difficult to make a single complete cube. (not talking about the clickie cubes)


One reality, one original land... torn apart and scattered. Buildings, architecture, trees, and other land marks reflect clues in each other like ripples in the water... slightly skewing what was once there. 



If I need to expand upon a point or was confusing, do not hesitate to ask for clarification.


--Assira the Black

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That's a nice analysis, but you didn't go into the story that lies beneath it.

Think about it as a murder scene: You've analysed the crime scene, found the bullet holes and blood splatters, got some dna samples... But you didn't (yet) get into the story the scene is telling you. You need all the evidence you found to back up the story, but if you don't have a story to them, they are just meaningless bits of information.

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The kingdom was invaded by an outside force. Heros rose and fell in the throws of battle giving rise to the remnants of our mind where history repeats it self in swords and sheath. The invaders arrived through what is now known as GG on the beach much like the empty aramors of our recent past. A piece of the puzzle lost to time, only to be revealed through magic.


The invaders assimilated with the citizens and soon became citizens of the land. For it was a civil war that had the strength to shatter the kingdom into different parts. A civil war that took place in Necrovion, leading towards the internal fear, agony, betrayal, and torment reflected in the land.


Now to look at why I think the lands were first invaded by an outside force.

By looking at Siege Crest you can tell that battle was aimed towards the sea, not towards the mainlands. And the missing cube from Meeting of the Roads lies here. The light house is broken down an shattered, a boat and its weapons lie at the lighthouse's feet in ruins.


Clash of Age's battle also points towards the beaches of GG, the direction of the arrows and the placement of the carts face the beach. Where long range battles took place first at Siege Crest but also at the Clash of Age's.


The first hand to hand combat, took place at The Aramory. It is there where the building was placed in memory of the fallen.



The assimilation can be seen in MB where on the surface things appear to be civil and calm. But the underground shows the darkness that connects to GG and the troubled path that leads back to the sea and the weaponsmith. That is not all of what lies in the depths of the Underground, it also has the Nymphs that tie back to the water, fateless doors, and Gazebo of Chaos directly under the Gazebo of Equilibrium. It is the duel nature of the Nymphs, the two doors, and the Gazebos that lead to the first signs of the civil war.


The emotional and mental unrest of those in the past. Faces hidden, loss of hope, and chaos... with those imprisoned not far away.


From MB, access into Necrovion is gleamed. A path to the heart of the civil war, with guardians acting as the last protectors of the secrets... the berserkers.  Planes of Fear, Trial of Agony, Caves of Torment, Island of Seclusion, House of Tainted Times... represent the emotions of those caught in the civil war. Of pain... of times so toxic that it has wrapped the lands in reflection. Changing it from what it should have been... in the seclusion of their thoughts... battling themselves and comrades... it is a lonely path to walk from Necrovion and its hidden knowledge. Knowledge gleamed at the Archives and it's lost path. 



The way to Loreroot shows the wildness in the attempts to mourn the past and stand against the internal conflicts. Ash's Arch burning its incenses and raising the offering towards Necrovion. With the war hold rising out of the trees with its loyal citizens. The War Hold a testament to those who fell and stood in the civil war. 


A civil war who's foundation was built upon the invasion, and the citizens who reacted against the invaders. This complexity giving rise to the rivalry and loyalties of the lands and the actions of the shades.




Hmm... I may have jumped around a bit.


--Assira the Black

Edited by Assira the Black
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