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Eara Meraia

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Dear MDers, especially Questmakers,


In a recent private discussion, I found out that apparrently questmakers forgot (never knew of) the fact that the alliance Treasure Keepers was created to support you, if you are in need of rewards for your quests.


The aim of this post is to remind you of this fact.


In order to request a sponsorship, we ask you to send us a forum pm (preferably) or find us in game.


Currently I have very limited RL time for playing MD fully as I did before, but I will always reply for your sponsorship requests if you write me here in forum and will try to keep Time Patrol idling at GoE.


Please take into consideration the following>


to get the sponsorship you will have to provide us with some information about your quest> type of quest, short description, date of beginning, rewards you would wish to have for this quest (preferably with some reasoning..why do you think specifically these rewards will be suitable), rewards you already have for this quest from other sources.


You will have to take into consideration the following>


- We do not guarantee sponsorship. We will consider all pros and cons and make a decision to sponsor or not

- We might ask for additional information

- the decision might take a few days, so please, contact us beforehands and not on the day you want to start your quest

- We might propose you different rewards from what you requested.

- sponsorships available are mostly coins and creatures, but we might also find something special for you in the dark corners of the treasury if we find your idea extremely good.


We will be glad to hear from you.




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  • Root Admin

I made 3+ recent announcements about the TK, asking any TK members to contact me. Since I received none I started acting as the TK, and if anyone needs anything from the TK I suggest them contacting me directly.

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