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Black Market - item offer

Ary Endleg

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Apparently a certain person got one of his dear personal items "missing".

We here at Black Market Ltd. are offering you opportunity to acquire this mysterious item.

Who is the previous owner or what this item is will only be revealed if you have the winning bid.


The special thing about this item is that previous owner is interested into reacquiring said item. Hence you could potential grab a finder's reward, try to sell it back in order to get some profit or favor. Maybe you could blackmail that person and maybe it's not worth as much as you thought to that previous owner so you wouldn't be able to make a profit. Maybe it would only get you into trouble .... or get you killed. Who knows? Embrace the adventure! Remember that Black Market opens only on rare occasions.


Basically this is a private type of blind auction, you send offers in PM and can't change it or see offers of other people nor ask what other have bid, best offer wins.

You can bid anything that can be traded. Deadline to send your bids is 12th of September 23:59.

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