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MD Awards 2015 - Prep

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Yes, I realise it's only October and thinking about Christmas festivities is weird at this time of year...




To avoid issues like has happened in previous years, I would like someone to primarily run the event this year, I would of course be on hand as needed including any vote counting that may be necessary.


You would need to have been around a year or more, having been here for at least one previous awards ceremony.


In terms of responsibilities, you would need to:

- Open threads at appropriate moments to indicate opening of the various stages of the votes.

- Arrange for other people to collect and count votes.

- Organise the voting itself (whether that be liaising with Chew, or arranging alternative voting methods).

- Arrange for Medal Items to be created and distributed (preferably including artwork).


I will of course do this if nobody else steps forward, but it would be a refreshing change to give someone else a go :)

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