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Master of the Bushies - Quests

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As some of you may know, I have been growing Bushies whenever I can. Lately, however, my obsession for them has become quite...worrying. All I can dream and think of are Bushies; bushy pie, bushy people, bushy babies, bushies, bushies, bushies!


And so, instead of denying my obsession, I have chosen to embrace it and even share it with you all, giving you all the chance to become just as obsessed as I am!


Kind, aren't I?


Anyway, I digress.


Below are the quests that will form this "competition". Each quest will have their own rewards, judging and rules. They will be staggered, as to when they become "active", and a new post (in this topic) will be created to explain the rules further.


Please sign up here - http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16848-master-of-the-bushies-sign-up/


Extra Information:


  • Bushy points will be awarded for each quest, so the more quests you participate in the more likely you are to gain more points.


  • As usual, points mean prizes! The winner of this competition will be the one with the most accumulated points and will be rewarded with a very special prize


  • Quests will not begin until around the beginning of the new year, so plenty of time to prepare, sign up and sponsor rewards!




Cook a Bushie!


 For this quest participants will be required to create a realistic recipe that would incorporate Bushies. You may choose any fruit that you believe represents the in game fruit, though it will be required to explain why they relate the two.


Winner will be decided through public voting (1 vote = 1 Bushy point) and through anonymous judging.


Entries that create their recipe, and provides proof, will be given and extra 10 bushy points.


Draw a Bushy!


Participants will need to draw three forms of a bushy - The seed, the bush and the fruit.


Points will be given based upon an anonymous voting system. 


Example: Public voting score + Judge 1 scores 20public voting, Judge 2 scores 15 public voting and Judge three scores 18 = Total Bushy points awarded.


Grow a Bushy!(Pt1)


Players will be required to grow their own bushy plant, documenting growth and explaining why they think their chosen bush represents the in game version.


Each entry will be given 20 bushies, 1st - 50, 2nd - 40 and 3rd - 30.


Winners chosen by panel of judges.


Grow a bushy (Pt2) 


Grow Bushies!


Points will be given on a 1;5 ratio for bushies held by a player (10 bushies = 2 points). Bushies personally grown by the participants receive +1 pt every 5.(10 bushies = 4 points) (Evidence required)


War of the Bushies! TBC


A HC'esque competition...


Bushy, bushy, where art thou bushy?


"Simple" quest where participants work in teams of three to write a humorous script for a play that they will perform in public. 


Judging will be done by a panel present for the event, rewards and bushy points given to the winning team.


Sing a song of Bushies - As the title suggest, the participants will be required to create a song (working alone or as a group) about bushies!


Points rewarded based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.


Current prize pool and sponsors: 


- 1 x Sharptear (Creature - BFH Lightning)

-  1 x One time visit to the Necrovion Crypt (Closed area access - Azull)

-  1 x See Through Stone (Item - Aethon)

- 2 x Gold Coins (Item - Aethon)

- 1 x Wishpoint (Aethon)

-5 x Wiiya bubbles (Harvesting item - Rophs)

- Heat Stones (Spell stone - Ungod & Syrian)

-3 x Mirror Ritual Stones (Spell stone - Aethon)

- 1 x Weaken Stone (Spell stone - BFH Lightning)


Any sponsorship will be doubled by Mur


Please message me, either through forum or in game PM, if you are willing to sponsor.

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This hasn't been forgotten! I was letting Christmas and new year get out of the way before officially starting this!


First quest will be up and running in the next few weeks so sign up, sign up! :D

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