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Hi all,

I have a small question to all winners of this contest: did you receive stats? Cause I only received ve, vp and credits. Is this a feature or a bug? :)


Sorry for the double posting but my internet connection has some problems.

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I believe Mur gave some of my Stats a boost last Contest, but I don't think it was 10...

I hounded him a bit after the last contest and he got it adjusted for me (Again not the 10 Stats to each, but some which I was happy with)

He mumbled something to me about it possibly being a bug, but maybe he was scaling back....

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i am personally quite happy with what i got although i would even be happier with an increase even 5 to all stats

but hey 5k ve and vp added to an mp3 that is like more than double what you normally can get even from buying out the md shop

it is important to think about htis as well grantid you can gain alot of ve and vp at mp5 fast but still in a few days a 5k increase in both and 15 in credits is a lot too

yes i would want stats gained and by 10 i think it should be

4 increase for mp3

7 increase for mp4

10 increase for mp5 that away it would be scaled

a mp3 with 10 more to all stats is way to powerful

but an mp5 with 4 to all stats is a normal stat hunting day

for some 1 in every stat is a good day for me lol

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