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A Deranged Christmas Dinner


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This quest is a slightly modified version off WittyLeWatt and Ungod's "A deranged parade". So thank you to them both for the idea!
What is it?
For this quest you will choose from a predetermined list of characters as to whom you wish to play as. Once chosen you will then have to roleplay as that character for the duration of the quest. Each of the characters will say/RP something, in a previously given order, until they create a story. 
The scene will be: Family Meal
The Twist: 'Wildcards' will be given at random before each dinner. These wildcards will vary in ability, from allowing you to swap characters with another to causing a player to miss a go (or even yourself!).
How long will it last?
It will last for 10 lines per person.
What are the characters?
The characters are as follows:
  • The Fireplace and Christmas Tree
  • The Roast Turkey
  • Uncle Ned (a recovering alcoholic)
  • Aunty Sue (highly OCD)
  • Father Bray (Local priest, rather flamboyant)
  • Ma' (Mother, very clumsy)
  • Pa' (deaf in one ear, likes shotguns)
  • Bobo (the demonic puppy)
  • Greg (going through his teen angst phase)
  • Nana Fanny (overly enthusiastic about Christmas)
How do I pick and sign up?
Please pick a 1st and 2nd choice from the list and then post below.
Roles will be given on a "first come, first serve" basis. If more than ten participants sign up then there will be multiple "Dinners". So please ensure you announce who your first choice would have been, even if already taken!
Where and when?
Dates will be sorted once contestants have chosen roles.
Each dinner will be held in MDA Hall.
Judging will be done by a panel and will be based upon creativity and how well your actions fit into the other's.
  • WP + Earfocus stone+ Boost defence Stone + 2gc + 4 Christmas points.
  • Acoustic Remains stone + Chaotic Boost Stone + Pimped Grasan + 1gc+Imperial Aramor+ 3 Christmas points
  • Boost defence stone + Guardian Army stone + 5sc+ Imperial Aramor + 2 Christmas points.
Every participant will receive the standard 1 Christmas point, should they not win.

(Prizes will change depending on amount of contestants. Christmas points may/may not be awarded)


Enjoy and get signing

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I was thinking of holding this on the weekend of Christmas, perhaps boxing day (26th?). If that weekend is no good for anyone, the weekend after (2nd/3rd Jan)


Alternatively, if weekends aren't great for people, please mention it.


Players should start discussing when they're free and the times they could make. I'm usually available evenings more than days.

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