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Christmas 2015 - Quest List

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With the Christmas Points challenge running this year, I felt a quick reference topic for this years Christmas quests would be helpful, so here you go!


Quests without Christmas Points (yet?)

Grido's Game - A number choosing game of simple fun. No Deadline Stated, although only run once per day.

Tommusic - A classic clickie based Christmas quest started by saying "tommusic" at the GoE rock. No Deadline Stated.

Shut Up and Take my Lube! - A conceptual Auction. Deadline 16th January.

Decorate MD Scene - A traditional simple artwork quest. No Deadline Stated.



Finished Quests

AGTKCC - A contest to gain the most stats in a single day from attacking only one person. This contest was run on 18th December, Deadline for submissions was 19th December.

Christmas Riddles - A free-form riddle contest open for contestants to bring their own riddles to ask as well. This contest was to be run on 19th December from roughly 21:00 server time, with no stated finish time. Due to lack of participants this quest may be re-run at a later date.

Bonfire in the Cold - A two hour contest to see who can donate the most heat with respect to MP level. This contest was run on 22nd of December from 22:00 to 23:59 server time.

Secret Santa 2015 - Traditional mystery gift exchange. Entries ended 22nd December.

Tis the Season but Whew I'm Beat - An item hunting contest. This contest ended 24th December.

Write a Letter to the Helper Elves Tiny Men - A quest to create a physical letter to the GG Tiny Men who setup the Christmas Tree each year. Entries ended 25th December.

Robbed Santa - A clickie based quest started by saying "I want presents" to the boardsign at Willow's Shop (exterior). Entries ended 25th December.

The Sweet Treats of Christmas - A Real World cooking contest to make an MD themed Cookie. This contest ended 28th December.

Fry Your Brain - An MD Christmas wordsearch and crossword, with additional hidden puzzle. This contest ended 31st December, 00:00 server time.

It's Murmas Time! - A clickie based puzzle quest started by saying "Murmas Time" at the GoE rocks, that gets harder as you go along, with extra chances at prizes for the especially dedicated. This contest ended 31st December.

Fairy Princess in Distress - A puzzle based race quest (each person's time recorded separately). This contest ended 31st December.

The Nightmare before Murmas - A creative writing quest with a Horror theme. This contest ended 31st December.

MRFmas - A contest to record your very own MD Christmas carol. This contest ended 31st December (Extended From 21st December).

A Childish Christmas - A quest to create a physical drawing and letter for Santa. This contest ended 31st December, 23:59 server time.

A Common Christmas - An artwork quest using item images to decorate the tree. This contest ended 31st December, 23:59 server time.

Christmas Lottery - A gambling contest of pure luck. This contest was drawn 2nd January.

The Mad Scientist - A race quest involving exploration and puzzle solving. This contest ended 3rd January, 23:59 server time.

Deranged Christmas Dinner - An interactive RP event which, if there are enough participants, may be run multiple times. The last session was run 4th January, 21:00 server time.

Snowman Contest - A contest to build a snowman small enough to fit in your freezer. This contest ended 6th January.

Traditions New and Old - A two part quest encouraging creativity and socializing. This contest ended 10th January.






If you have or know of a Christmas quest not on this list, post below and I will update it.

Note that the maximum deadline for Christmas Points quests is the 10th of January.

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