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I'm not online??


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This is mostly just amusing and I wanted to share it. If it happens to you, a simple refresh will clear things up. Thing is, when the online area names refreshed, i was missing from it. lol


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i would think it's just because the player list just hasnt reloaded since you got there, it reloads every so many seconds, cant remember how many, and if thats the case it appears to everyone that you're not there, by reloading the page, you're also reloading the player list, making yourself appear, so it's not a bug but like you said a bit amusing

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Yess, like Ren said, it happened :o My name was in the playerlist one moment, and gone the next. I swear I didn't move. Wodin and Ren thought I had left without saying anything until I said I was still here. My name is still missing even though the list should've refreshed several times now 8D

***removed image by chewett to clear some space off the forum. so now you can put more redundent images***

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well, THAT could be because YOU moved and the lag time got you the report later :D

but a curious note: this has happened twice within 24 hours of each other both in the paper cabin

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could be just the paper cabin then i spose

just cos i feel like picking up on this point, and not because it has any relevance to whats going on here, but Glais, why is your VE highlighted in your pic? :D

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Secrets of the Paper Cabin~ @_@

I was copying my VE to paste in the chatbox. It happened like this:

One player had to wait three hours to begin tutorial, as he encountered that one bug that occurs when you reset the account, you know, where you have to wait the remaining meditation period to pass from the last story choice. After alerting me about this, I told him about Ren's recent topic of the same bug. I then promised to swing by the Paper Cabin so I could help pass the time.

After a bit of chatting, he told me he was thankful. In response, I told him I had nothing much better to do, as I was regenerating. He commented that I must have a lot of VE to regenerate (I had been there for around 2 hours by then), whereupon I decided to tell him how much VE I had and also my max VE, so he could judge for himself.

n_n Thorough answer to your question, right?

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