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I am a new player really enjoying the game. I have noticed some continuity and spelling problems in the English version that I use. The adventure log is really great, but there are some sentence structure errors that make it difficult to understand at time, as well as grammar and spelling errors that could be easily corrected.

I am a professional in any English related field, nor do I have a degree; but I am a knowledgable reader and writer who would be more than happy to assist in this area.

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lol :) Another writer offered to do the same as you; you can read what was said in response:


You can still offer your services as a writer for things like creature descriptions or something else I don't know about :D

Well, I see that now. In that case...if and when a better time arises, my offer stands. As to the other, I think writing a creature decription would be a ton of fun. I'll work on something in that vein to submit.

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If you need more help in any of these areas I would be more then willing to help this game along in any way. I am also a fairly descent writer and I have a imagination to boot, so in there is anything I can do please tell me.

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A word of advice to all would-be editors: don't tell us how strong your command of English is, or how marvelous is your prose. Show us. Take some existing text and modify it. Post it somewhere, or email it to Manu. If it is good, it might eventually get used.

Remember that good editing is not re-writing. Preserve the intent of the original text as much as you possibly can.

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