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Open Treasury quest

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Greetings MD-ers.


This quest is meant only for questmakers.


Rules are simple. Design a quest, send your quest idea to me (via forum or ingame) in a time period between 5.03 and  5.04. 2016. Get your reward!


The best quest idea will be rewarded with a Wishpoint for a questmaker.


 Top 3 ideas will receive 1 gc for questmakers and a sponsorship for the quest from TK.


Some rules:


-You do not need to send ALL data of your quest. Send the idea and explanation, in a way to make judges like it and want to see it embodied.


-Give an outline of the type of the quest, and approximate difficulty, rewards you think your quest deserves and why it deserves them.


-Try to be as short as precise as creative as possible.  


-You will have to conduct your quest after the end of this event and announcing winners, but the actual results of your quest will not have an effect on results of this quest.


-Quests which have already been made public cannot (unfortunately) participate in this quest.


Good luck!


Looking forward to see many awesome ideas!

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so...we finally come to the resuts of this campaign.

5 quests participated in it

1) Pysanka quest by Nimrodel

2) Queen of Sheba quest by Nimrodel

3) Who murdered Mr. Mariano? by Nim

4) Reality check by ungod

5) Collage quest by ungod

Judges carefully considered all details and ideas and decided the following:

Third place goes to Queen of Sheba quest.

As for the first and second place judges oppinions divided between Pysanka quest ans collage quest. Collage was the best idea and Pysanka involved most effort from questmaker. Therefore both quests are winners and both questmakers get a WP.


Enjoy your well earned prizes and don't forget to design new awesome quests for the next open Treasury event.


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