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MD Awards 2015 - Chewett's Speech's


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Here are my three speeches I was not able to make on the night, written for the speeches project I have asked the archivists to document and post.


I won three categories this year.


Top Techie


Thank you all that voted for me in this award, I am most appreciative of everyone who felt I deserved to win this year.


I stand here thanks to many brilliant minds and helpers who have led me to become the coder I am. They encouraged and showed me the many interesting things you can do with web programming, the most important being making a community out of a basic roleplay game.


I must thank Cutler, Liberty, Rendril, dst, no one, Lightsage and Murry amoung many others.


I dedicate this reward to Cutler, for he was a Top Techie.


Outstanding Service to MD

Thank you all that voted for me in this award, I am most appreciative of everyone who felt I deserved to win this year.
Another year goes on, and another awards ceremony is passed. Over the last year some of the changes I have worked on have brought MD another step closer to being a game I can sit back and be proud of. It is also another step closer to AUTUMN2050 but I am proud to say that we are getting quite close to being able to finish off that project (that is close in a MD sense). A lot more of my work has been running the game this year which while great I am still going to be trying to push onto you (this is a game where the players are meant to be able to change :P).
I will take this nomination and award win that some of you (at least) are happy in what I am doing for MD and I shall attempt to continue the work. While my time for MD diminishes as my job/life gets harder MD will always remain in my heart and I shall find time to work on it.
This reward I must thank the players that have supported me in running MD, there are too many to name.
Thank you all.
Most Popular
Thank you all that voted for me in this award, I am most appreciative of everyone who felt I deserved to win this year.
Im a little surprised at winning this award, mainly because many of you know that I can be quite blunt and bloody minded of rules and other such things. For all these faults I do apologize, most profusely. I know I can be like this and am working on it day by day to improve them. Many of these come from my severe lack of time and general mood towards dealing with questions which ideally should be asked to others. Therefore many messages I send can end up being short and blunt.
But I am quite pleased to have been given this award by the public, I have met many friends here and call a great deal of you my good friends. MD has always been a place you to go to and just talk to friends about random and crazy things and I have met some of the best minds here too. Many of you know that I have been here since the beginning, I am very pleased to have joined the game and met you all.
Thank you.
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