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Apothecary- Tonics, Toxins, Poisons, Potions, and etc

Assira the Black

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Some are fillable clickie ideas and others are cauldron ideas.

How I define the words:

Tonic- a drink that has some benefits beyond what is currently in the game. For example there is tea and alcohol. This would be a drink or possibly alcoholic drink that acts beyond the current ones. 

Toxins- a toxic substance that has a short term affect. Like weaken, or move lock. 

Poisons- toxic substance that has a Longer term affects and can lead to death

Potions-magically enhanced drink

Salves-herbal cream or wax based substance.

Syrups-sugar based medicine

herbal Oils- oil based medicine

tinctures-alcohol based medicine


Now for ways it could be applied to md

Garsen Tonic- 5 garsen ferment + 20 unidentified plants

Uses a barrel 

Effect= extended drunkenness + 2000 heat + garbage

Multiple uses, perhaps 5 or 8 uses


Paralyzing Toxin- 5 flasks of Toxic extract +  20 Syntropic Dust

Uses a distiller

Effect= casts a weakened version of movelock on a player + garbage

Multiple uses- 10?


Cold Rose infused tea: 3 rose petal in a satchel  (common item) + 20 flowers + 5 cold tea

Uses a jar or bottle

effect= Decreases regeneration and removes movelock affects + garbage

Multiple uses- 8?


Foul Poison- 2 coarse bone dust (common item) + 4 Garsen skin + 10 flasks of toxic extract

uses a barrel or pot

effect= weaken (level 2?) and movelock (longer movelock) + garbage

Multiple uses= 10


Lavender Oil: 2 lavender satchles + 4 garsen fat

Uses a jar or bottle

effect= removes weaken or attacklock

Multiple uses: 3


Berry Syrup: 3 bushies + 25 sticky goop + 30 aromatic herbs

uses a pot

effect= removes silvertongue

Multiple uses: 4


Concentrated Flask of toxic extract: 50 flasks of toxic extract 

uses distiller

Gives 1 concentrated flask of toxic extract


Poison of Torment: 2 concentrated flasks of toxic extract + 500 toxic plants

Uses a pot

Effect= Highest level of weaken, attacklock, movelock, and if not cured death in x time frame.

Uses 3


Concentrated essential oil: 15 essential oils

uses distiller

Gives 1 concentrated essential oil


Cure all salve: 10 Bushies + 2 essential oil

Uses a pot

Effect= removes any poison or toxin affect.



The difference in the concentrated versions and the Poison/cure, is because the essential oil takes 100 aromatic herbs while the toxic extract takes 20 toxic plants. But numbers are something that can easily be changed to make balanced. 

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