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Marind Bell football team


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If there's interest maybe there'll be "Classy MB team" (classy=legendary (football) players from all of MD's history...), "Classy LR", "Classy Magicduelist_serial_killers" captained by Dst and sub-captained by Eon, "Team questers" (Dst and Nim capt and sub-capt), "Team Grinders" and "Classy team Grinders" etc.

But unlikely, we don't have a sport audience here :D

Anyhows - now we go to current Marind Bell football squad! (filled out the starting eleven on a quickie, sorry if I missed anyone)



On the goal we have our team captain, No. 1 - Maebius!

We'll go straight to me (or my old me), substitute captain, No. 8 - Princ Rhaegar, playing as a not-that-pacy but a good-passed center midfielder.

Star of the team - Clock Master, No. 11, left winger, quick, athletic and deadly!

Injury prone Rikstar with his No. 9 leading the attack, Conc No. 14 covering his right side.

Nadrolski, No. 3, classy full left back that covers the whole left side if required.

Ungod, classy No. 10, need I say more.

Sir Blut and WittyleWat have to go in pair and they hold our defense!

Klawdees a youngster on the right back, came fresh out of the academy, has potential.

And last but not the least, Junior, aggressive ball-winning center midfielder, has a tendency to get a yellow card in every game.

edit: the kit is white as intended, the red collar was a poor addon from me, forgot to remove it. Let's call it, Rhaegar-flavored MB alternate kit.

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2 hours ago, Maebius said:

I'll be the coach, not the captain.   You know, the guy who stands there on the sides and says "Go team!"  and then gets all the cash & fame when You win.  ;) 

That's too bad, I could totally imagine you as an eccentric goalkeeper :D

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