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MB-style! Color relationships

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 This might sound like an odd one, but here it is:

Take a scene from the realm of MD and color 2 objects in it. Write a short paragraph (or two) to explain why you chose those two objects and those two colors.


There are two prizes - an Imperial aramor and a Bloodpact archer, courtesy of the TK.

Time to post your submission HERE, in this topic - until Sunday, midnight. Entry must have an image(colored scene as described) and the text. Please, no editing.

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14 hours ago, Lintara said:

Why not extend the quest until the end of the festival?  More chances for someone to take part then. :)

Also, by no editing, do you mean that the objects have to be colored by hand or that no submission post editing is allowed?

I meant I'd rather have no submission post editing.


Mmm...alright, please submit entries if you wish to. I'll ask the TK if they will still sponsor the rewards. 

So...do not close the thread yet, I guess? :)

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Title: Sun and the Sea

Colours used: Orange and Blue

Angien shrine is like a sun in MB. Its the centre. Around it lies Marind bell. Hence used bright orange with streaks to present it as the sun giving out light. Light representing two alliances Knights of the Bell and Seekers of enlightment. As for the water... The rich blue represents the dowsers. The existence of two totally unrelated bold colours in the same scene represents the harmony between the Alliances. So Golemus is not the only land with the  seas and Loreroot is not the only land with the sun eh? ;)

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