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MD Birthday Quest - Treasure Hunt v1.1

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For this MD Birthday I have prepared another treasure hunt, with a few improvements based on player feedback from the previous one I run a year ago. Hence why it's "v1.1".

Like the first treasure hunt I made, this quest is entirely based on scripted clickables. It's a race, but it doesn't matter when you will begin and finish the hunt*. What matters is how much time you will spend from beginning to end. The fastest one wins.


Requirements: No alts – Only one account per player is allowed to participate.

How to start: Go to Willow's Shop and Speak to the Shopkeeper. No registration is necessary.

Duration: until 25 April 23:59 ST



First Place: A Wish Point from me, an aged Angien from the TKs and 4 Wookie Points.

Second Place: A Soulweaver from the TKs, a Mirrorritual stone from me and 3 Wookie Points.

Third Place: A Teleport to Paper Cabin stone and a Gold Coin from the TKs and 2 Wookie Points.

Also, 1 Wookie Point will be rewarded for participation.


Important: Take good notes of everything you encounter during the quest. You can never tell if you will be able to review things and I won't be giving any clues you may have missed if you are too hasty. So, take good notes.


*In case of a tie (same amount of time spent from beginning to end), the starting time will be taken into account to determine who wins the tie.

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Apologies for the delay in posting this.


Out of nine players who participated in the Treasure Hunt, there was one player who completed the quest: Nimrodel.

Therefore, she wins a Wish Point from me, an aged Angien from the TKs and 4 Wookie Points.

All other participants are rewarded with a Wookie Point.



Name: Aeoshattr - ID: 89024 - Current stage: 0 - Time spent: 0
Name: Clock Master - ID: 105889 - Current stage: 1 - Time spent: 159
Name: Ungod - ID: 250021 - Current stage: 1 - Time spent: 426
Name: *Nimrodel* - ID: 131999 - Current stage: 8 - Time spent: 545349
Name: lashtal - ID: 221376 - Current stage: 1 - Time spent: 100
Name: dst - ID: 17096 - Current stage: 4 - Time spent: 93415
Name: No one - ID: 29704 - Current stage: 3 - Time spent: 73232
Name: Edgra - ID: 178277 - Current stage: 0 - Time spent: 0
Name: samon - ID: 91545 - Current stage: 1 - Time spent: 96

Thank you to all participants for giving this quest a chance and for the effort you put in it, despite its increased difficulty.

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