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Deranged Birthday Party

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Lords and ladies, peasants and peasanettes, this year the Magicduel Archives shall be playing host to a prestigious, yet rather crazy, party of lords and ladies! They have travelled from far and wide to see first hand the birthday celebrations of Magicduel and admire the beauty of the MDA Buildings!


The deranged party will be held this coming Sunday, at 8PM ST, in the Grand hall of the Sun, MDA.

Characters will be given randomly to each player that signs up and will not be announced until the day.

To sign up, please state your name and ID in a post below; Sign ups finish Saturday 23rd, 8PM ST


1ST - 1 WP + 1 Wiiya Bubble

2ND - 3GC + Acoustics Remain Stone

3RD - 2GC + TelePC Stone


For those interested, here is the current list of people to expect at the party!

  • Sir Baldwin, the Pink - Flamboyant Knight with an insatiable appetite for cake.
  • Lady Muscovado - Snobby, pompous, arrogant and looks upon cake with distaste.
  • Lord Jarlsberg, the Feeble - Old fashioned Knight (this is probably due to being the ripe old age of 93) who truly believes that his walking stick is the fabled “Sword in the Stone”.
  • Ladies Georgette and Georgina - Conjoined twins who are seemingly polar opposites in everything; demeanour, taste, behaviour, etc.
  • Julien the Jester - A rather tricksy, and malicious Jester. Always on the lookout for items to steal and arguments to start.
  • Prince Hubert, the Crude - Penelope’s brother, always trying to woo women with rather...well...crude lines and actions. A true man!
  • Princess Penelope, the Prude - Like all little princesses, this one was spoilt rotten. Though she appears sweet, calm and innocent...if she doesn’t get her way? Well...just run for cover!
  • Gustov, the Chef - Takes great pride in his cooking though is ridiculously clumsy...perhaps he’s sipped too much of the wine? Inventor of the first walking, talking, red velvet cake!
  • Ruby, the Red Velvet Cake - A walking, talking, sassy, cream filled, delicious cake. She’s well aware that she’s on the menu...but will do all she can to avoid being eaten!
  • King Margo, the Mad - Mad, eccentric and with a very short attention span. Some say he’s mad, others think he’s brilliant...what will you decide?


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