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Tools of the mind - part 1 - cooperative hemisphere thinking

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(In case you ever wondered what is the connection of certain character features and why they are needed in MD, or in the out world, here is an interesting work i wrote today. It is part of a series that i started to write. I want to make a small set of notes for myself (and you, why not) about thinking techniques and mind tools. Enjoy the read, feedback is welcome. Excuse typing mistakes, i wrote this on phone while waiting on the tramway)



Part 1


We are limited by nature, by our biology, to think just in certain terms and with certain tools. We start just by being able to process sensory inputs. Over our lives, we learn better ways of understanding and processing the information we receive. We learn concepts, principles that then guide us to understand things that we would have not understood just by looking in that direction. For example mathematics is such a tool...but maybe more important are our own individual mechanisms that develop over the years and are stored in our understanding of good and bad, efficient and unefficient, etc.

What i will write about here, are tools of this sort, that will help you exceed normal understanding capabilities even further. Sadly, using such tools requires an extensive period of self training. Just reading about them is not enough, you hsve to do it and integrate these tools within your thinking processes and your daily life. Depending on your ability to learn, mastering such tools can require months or even years of self discovery and practice.

Some of the stuff i will write require you to have such advanced tools in your inventory already, so perhaps if you are unavle to understand something you could review it later when your mind will have the time to assimilate the previous ideas and get the training it needs to be able to manage such information.

This is not a book in the normal sense, these could be considered a training guide that will gradually influence your thinking and take you to the actual results, instead of giving you the results directly even if you are unable to understand them.


Cooperative hemisphere judgement

Our mind is divided in two, so is our biological hardware, the brain. We can look at things using our reasoning or using our intuition. I might have some language issues here and you could argue about the details, but thats not the point. I am counting on some basig general knowledge on your part to know the things i will skipp from explaining because they are common knowledge.

When using reason, only logical connections are considered and our understanding follows strict rules, like in math. This type of understanding allows you to digg deeper in any direction you chose but will prevent you from seeing things outside the box.

When using intuition, logical connections are  of lower importance than feelings, an we follow what our feelings tell us. This type of thinking allows us to see things from unexpected angles and reach conclusions much faster, but will cause a false sense of understanding everything right. It will also not be so helpful for understanding the entire chain of thoughts leading to a certain depth but will instead jump directly to conclusions burried maybe even at a higher depth.

While esch thinking mechanism has its advantages it aslo has its disadvantages. Each way is directly connected to one of our brain hemispheres.

Using just one mechanism will not offer better advantages but will certainly have more clear disadvantages. If you could use both hemispheres and both thinking mechanisms combined, your thinking piwer would grow exponentially and the disadvantages that come with each mechanism would cancel eachother.

But how to bypass hardware limitations and use both at the same time when nature shifted us in certain directions and already assigned one or the other thought process to the right or the left hemisphere?

Its simple, but requires certain character values present. You need to know respect, that would then lead you to understand humbleness and unconditional trust, that will help you balance the importance levels of your thinking processes. You would also need to know true honesty, that will help you to filter the garbage out of your own thoughts and leave just the true essence to play a role. You would need to learn tolerance, in such way, your own ideas will be able to coexist and not anihilate eachother from the beginning. You will need this because when you combine two thinking mechanisms that are fundamentally different, will fight to support their own version of the story and if one of them wins, you fail in using both.
For example, while analyzing a complex thought, and trying to understand it using such a tool like cooperative hemisphere thinking, if reason side wins, you will burry yourself in pointless logical thinking that will miss to see the complexity of the analyzed matter and will get lost in the tiny details. If instead, the intuition part wins, then you will fail to understand the analyzed compkex thought but instead you will blame it on god, or simply develop an aversion towards the ideea without actually understanding it.

Now mission one, go out there and learn these character features first. Learn respect, humbleness and honesty. Come back in a few years and continue reading how to use them to combine your thinking processes into a single powerful mind tool :))


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I remember having such a joy last year or the year before in realizing that the books I studied, if someone got angry, they lost the meaning.  If he assumed his goal right, he learned to die faster instead of live deeper. 

What a cruel thing to be happy about. 

There are levels and levels...only recently I started trying to piece together the actual people in my life, to see their beauty, rather than just the beauty of words or single choices.  And my bad traits are screwing it up...good thing they are self-destroying so not forever "mine" (E: hence the cruel thing to be happy about...is a comfort, too) but I'd rather replace them with something more wholesome, y'know? 


On a good day I can be humble/tolerant reading a sentence till I see a good in its whole (with a scarring exception)...but actual whole people?  

You don't get a second chance, you have to seize the whole moment and replay it over and over till you can react right, and if you don't they might hide everything from you, since you tried to "break" them.  

*sigh* and rightly so


and when you "break" them you become broken to them....so it has to be you to fix it



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