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Diamond / valuable and the time to make it

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When mining you can find uncut diamonds. Not all the time but you can. However in the east lands you can find an fillable item where you can turn these uncut diamonds into valuable items. 


Fillable item says this

Cut a raw diamond into facets to create a valuable brilliant

Here is how long it takes to makes them


i am currently at   3454856/5184000  time remaining

 3454856 minutes turned into days is 2399.2 days...........2399.2 days turned into years is 6.57 years.

To be honest i think the time to make these is way to high. The possibility of a player trying to make it staying for that 6 years waiting for it is unlikely. 

I think it should at least be lowered to a year


Any thoughts


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It's seconds. Calculate how much time has elapsed since the beginning, if you wish:

3454856/5184000 means that 5184000 - 3454856 = 1729144 (units) have elapsed.

If these were minutes, as you say, then this means:

1729144 / 60 = 28819 (approx) hours, which further means 28819 / 24 =1200 DAYS elapsed since the beginning of the processing. That's what, 3 and a half years? There's no way those are minutes :)

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