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WTS items

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Common Items are 2sc minimum or trade for certain common items

Worn out boots 
Creature collar 
Empty glass vial 
Dummy target 
Conch shell 
Blue seashell 
Weather rock 

Ball of yarn 
Snow Globe 
Bone meal 
Fungal mass 
Sweat butter 

Feather boa 
Micro Mask 
Smelling salts 
Dusty Savelite cult icon 
Petrified plant 
Wooden flower 

Decorated shot glass


Creature blanket 

Toy gaff 
Collar points 
Stuffed toy panda 
Pair of Eagle Eyes 
Rose petals in a satchel 
Potential raisin (2)
Metal rod 
Pinhole camera 
Iron chain link 
Awful pie
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3 Rare Metals      2sc
Lonsdaleite Shards    2sc
Flowers            free
Aromatic herbs            free
4 Crystal               3sc
Fine Sand          free
14 Memory stone 
[use item]                              4sc
3 Gems            2sc
3 Golemus dust                 2sc
8 Timeless dust               3sc
11 Clay               1sc
12 Unidentified Ore                  1sc
3 Uncut Diamond             5sc
Rock Salt                    free
49 Iron Ore                         4sc
6 Tree bark                 1sc
Pure Gold                 2 gc
22 Fenths                10sc
119 Cup of Cold Tea                     2gc (obo)
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Root Warrior 

Age 235

Heat 300k+

ID 836489

1 gold minimum bid



Age 153

heat 200k+

ID 846306




Age 43

heat 2k+



Personal items:

Blackshade's bottled emotions 10sc min bid


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Clock master your bid is accepted.  10sc



Nimrodel your your bid is also accept. 3gc 


i am currently on my phone and I will be home around day change. I will send you both a message when I am home. Thank you and please be patient till I get home

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On 5/27/2016 at 4:42 AM, Nimrodel said:

That's 42s? Meaning 2g 12s?

Also sorry to bring it up now but i also noticed another mistake in this. The chunk of pure gold is priced at 2gc not 2sc. Sorry if the numbers are so small. im sure it was hard to see. 

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On 5/29/2016 at 10:55 PM, Nimrodel said:

Or wait. I think the whole set excluding the tea costs 4g 1s? Correct me if I'm wrong. Is it ok if I pay that much??


On 5/30/2016 at 9:33 AM, blackrider said:

Yes i will accept 4g 1s for the whole set excluding the Tea

Do you still want them?

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