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Nimrodel's fears

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Baobab:short and thin withering trunk.

Angler Fish: red light from.the fleshy outgrowth

Black widow spider: enlarged venomous glands dripping of purple venom

Platypus: Huge claws

Tyrannosaurus: Neon Red teeth which gleam in darkness


Raflessia: Huge petals extending from one end of the forest to other.

Great White Shark: Huge Neon Red teeth

Anaconda: thick hide like a rhinoceros

Dodo: Huge head and brain like me gaming

Mammoth: huge canines growing downwards instead of tusks.

Tall library Shelves: 

Teak: fragile withering crumbling wood

Blue whale: tiny size

Brontosaurus: becomes carnivorous

Ostrich : beak as hard as metal

Giraffe: helical neck

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Wart hog and loneliness...interesting combination

Short withering baobab trunk...the trunk of the baobab is proof the plant decided to get more sun, while protecting itself from 'predators' by enlarging it's body. I'd grow the body of the warthog and give it a plate armor.

The esca of the angler fish is not only for luring prey, but also for attracting mates...We could place the esca on the hog's snout, but remove the light (in darkness there's loneliness).

As for the T-rex's tooth...well, what can I say? Let's fill the mouth of the warthog with them? :))

The venomous glands can be placed under the eyes of the hog, so that when it opens it's eyes, it shoots venom, thus repelling everyone.

The claws of the platypus can sustitute the hog's tiny hooves.


Rejection...I'll take fox instead of kyuubi (I can't accept symbols that already have a meaning).

The Rafflesia plant is unique, there are many ways to use it...maybe make the skin of the fox rot or smell like rotten.

Hmm....again, with the neon teeth? :D

The hide of the anaconda...is it shedable? In this case, we could use this property for the fox' skin.

Mmm..finally, someone chose the brain. The command control ^^ how about this would increase the speed, sight, reflexes and intelligence of the fox 9 times? Also, it would have nervous terminations in the paws, giving it great dexterity.

Err...we'll take the tusks, and stick them into the mouth of the fox, making it unable to feed properly...maybe...

I'm waiting for your ideas, what I've written there are only suggestions.

(oh, and can we give up the Tal's shelves fear? there are a couple of problems there, from the blueprint to some ideas)

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So here are my creatures: 

1. A bony warthog, blind with wrinkled gray scaly skin, luring its prey with a red esca, with purple venom as any mucous secretion from the body, with sharp neon red teeth for tearing meat, apart from its twisted tusks and huge claws to rip apart the hearts of its prey.

2. A huge pale fox, smelling of meat to attract predators, with enormous red blood stained teeth and mamothy canines, with thick hairless skin resembling that of an anaconda to help camouflage in the trees, with a brain intensely clever to toy with the prey before making it a meal.

sound ok?

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