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Pipstickz's fears

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On 2016-10-22 at 9:39 AM, Ungod said:

Starting from now, you will write in the topics I will open after this post :)


Step number two is a game of associations, one in which you'll have to use your intuition and a 'feel' of things. No logic needed :))

Associate your fear(s) with: a plant, a fish, a reptile, a bird/insect (whichever you want) and a mammal (human beings excluded). Also, choose one of the elements: fire, water, lightning and rock.

Now you can drop one or two fears, if you want, and focus on one (or two or all three).


6 hours ago, Ungod said:

Ok, closed for new participants.


Now, for every imagery you associated your fear with, you must choose an impossible expansion (or impossible contraction, if you will). For example, if you chose an oak, an impossible expansion would be the plant's monstruous growth of the root or of an acorn, forgetting the rest (or you could look at it as the shrinking of all of the plant's parts and systems while a root or a fruit remains at it's normal stage).

What you choose is up to your intuition (I think there should be a rule here, but I haven't been able to think of one). Grow a fish's head, shrink a bird, leaving it's beak, leave only the trunk out of a mosquito, your choice.

You can focus on one fear only or more/all.



Dandelion - huge bulb spreading tons of seeds, jellyfish - more bigger stingers, gecko - legs tapered to a point, seagull - stretched to human proportions, racoon - sharper claws, fire - do I do this too?


Tomato plant, koi, turtle, prairie dog, water

Loss of control

Electric daisy (acmella oleracea), pirahna, housefly, rabbit, lightning


Is this right? <<

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the element, no. the element is there for the more abstract fears

seagull - only something from it must be huge;

racoon - claws

(you can choose something from the inside of the creature, like the tirhoid gland, the heart and so on; you can re-do your choices)

also, if you do all three fears, you will have three monsters in the end, so more chances of winning; but you can focus on one only and try to make it grand

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