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I finally made it to MP4 and finished the entire story once while waiting the maximum time for every page... Now I'm in the second run and I have to wait in story mode while the pages turn and I can't actually play the game...

I think it would be nice to at least be able to wonder the area and chat with people. Even if I can't fight or do anything, at least I wouldn't lose touch with everyone in the game, not to mention just wandering around again.

This is especially noticeable when waiting 24hours to advance.

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I agree with joe on this one. Would it be possible to add a chat screen to story mode? I understand that you can't really roam about in the game while in the story, but it would be great to talk with other players in the same stage. Story mode can be really frustrating especially when you go for the 24 hour option.

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I third this motion. Besides being annoying, its also a pretty good turnoff. I remember when I picked the 24 hour wait period, I was thinking, 'blah...I have to log onto magicduel just so that i can wait another 24 hours for nothing to happen...yaye'. So I stopped playing for a couple days, till I got bored again :mellow:.

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