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My desk lies full with notes I take in magic duel.. and I have several textfiles on my pc here and there as well.

Perhaps a notebook or something wouldn't be a bad idea.

I could write them on my hate-list i guess, it's empty anyway.

But some notes are not ment to be public.

It could be as little as that, just a page...

or an option on the pages that exist, ( checkbox with "hide this page" ? )

Never been good in organizing my papers, so it would be handy

Have a fun day,


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I play in other games where they have a pop-up notebook included, so you can jot down some notes to yourself. It works very well! :P I doubt it would actually be all that difficult to incorporate, but it does depends on the workload of the programmers with the other things that they are trying to do with the game. (yeah, that Time thing tends to get you!)

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