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Sic Semper Libertas


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I have constructed for myself a makeshift theatre out of things I had lying around. The stage is logs and branches tied with string, just barely supporting the weight of  a tablecloth curtain, the floor the grass underfoot. I have been performing the last few days and nights to my creatures. Here I will log some performances, others will be lost to time.


: Pipstickz dons his Columbina mask

: Pipstickz emerges from the curtain to an audience of only Angiens, tainted and otherwise

Pipstickz: To destroy, that is our right as humans

Pipstickz: Yes...to take that which another has built...

Pipstickz: And disintegrate it

Pipstickz: Not only our right, but our solemn duty, indeed

Pipstickz: Through destroying things, we learn half of their true nature

: Pipstickz brings an Angien of his five to the stage and reabsorbs it into himself, but slowly, watching as a twisted smile dawns on his Tainted's face

: Pipstickz follows suit with the next, and the next, Tainted's grin growing wider and wider, overcoming its other features

Pipstickz: But you see...

: Pipstickz finishes with the fourth and fifth, bringing the Tainted, now shaking with excitement and overjoyed, onto the stage

Pipstickz: That leaves only you behind, a speck of dust among a wasteland of yet more dust

: Pipstickz finishes the process with his Tainted Angien, a faint smile growing across his own face as he finishes

Pipstickz: If only someone had told you...


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: Pipstickz brings two birds to the stage

: Pipstickz sits in the audience among his army and watches as they regard each other with caution

: Pipstickz smiles as each bird marks out its territory using the grass underfoot, one trampling its borders down and one plucking grass from within to build a 'wall'

: Pipstickz watches intently as his birds squawk back and forth at eachother, starting quietly but gradually increasing in intensity

: Pipstickz makes a squawking noise of his own, laughing when both birds suddenly go quiet and regard him with a cold, angry stare

: Pipstickz hides behind a grasan as the birds run from the stage to attack him

: Pipstickz has his swordsman take care of the frustrated birds and emerges laughing


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: Pipstickz emerges from the curtain

Pipstickz: Once there was a man who ventured too far...

Pipstickz: Knock knock knock knock

: Pipstickz drops a bit of water off a leaf, listening closely to the drip...drip...drip

Pipstickz: He entered somewhere he shouldn't have

: Pipstickz breaks a branch in half

Pipstickz: Tore the boards right off and stepped inside

Pipstickz: As he explored this infamous house, he was filled with wonder...but also something else...

: Pipstickz places some lumber on the ground in front of him and begins hitting it with an iron ingot

Pipstickz: From outside, a hammering...someone was sealing him in

Pipstickz: He rushed to the entrance he had made and found himself trapped, but nobody was on the other side of the doorway

Pipstickz: As he screamed for help, the liquid dust filled his lungs

Pipstickz: He was never seen again.


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