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Somethign Missing on Voting


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Hello I'm fairly new here, yet have alot to learn, I want to know a few things that are not clear to me about voting:

1.why is it that some sites/forums that one clicks on the voting section do not even have a vote button when one Gets to them?

2. Is one supose to click just One link a day or all of them?

3. there's one page (it has cars on the page & stuff) That does not say anything it just loads & if you click any of the language icons it just takes you back to the same page you just left, plus no vote button anywhere.

4.How many credits is one supose to get per link?

5.How many credits is one supose to have to be able to buy something in the store?

Thanks for reading.

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i presume you mean for the free credits?

1.some of the links you click first of all dont link to voting sites, i believe there's a game as one of them(i'm not logged on currently so cant check), most do though, the voting sites work differently to each other, some link you initially to a page to deter forcing people into voting, in which case you click the ''continue and vote for game'' button, or something like it, on others though as soon as you click the link you have voted, so you just get linked directly onto viewing the top 40 or whatever

2.Click all of them, you get more credits, VE/VP etc, and most importantly the game is likely to get more members the more votes we get on each site.

3.Not sure about this one

4.The amount varies slightly they're all stated next to the link though, and most are 0.02 cents i think

5.you have to have at least $2 to be able to transfer money over into the MD shop, the amount is rounded down to the nearest $ to transfer, but any extra cents not transfered will be left for you to add to in the free credits section

*this is all from before Manu tweaked it recently, so it may be slightly different now

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Just some questions Glaistig and I had @_@:

1) The page and announcement says that whether you follow up with the voting after clicking the link is monitered, but the bug was about being able to click the same link several times, so uh, which one is monitered? If it's the former, then are other things I want to clear up. :o The following things, really.

2) Glaistig and I have the same IP address, so sometimes the voting sites disregards one of ours vote when the other has voted already. Does this matter? If the monitering thing checks whether your voted is counted after you have clicked the link to a voting site, then wouldn't that mean one of us might be confused for not following up? :/

3) I use the additional boni that come with clicking the links (VP primarily) usually when my stats are already at max, so I try to click the links as quickly as possible so as to have more time before the regen cicle brings my stats back to my max., meaning, I click all of the links one after another and then click to vote at the sites after I have used the VP/VE I wanted or when the regen cycle resets. I mean, I have no idea how the monitering works in any case, but if there's something like a time limit that they have to see the vote count go up or something, then that might get me confused as a non-voter as well. :/ Should I just use the click-and-vote-right-away process all the time, or does it not matter?

Huh. . . I suppose I might've made a new topic rather than posting here, but eh. n___n

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#3 I have had the same problem occasionally, but I know that all the sites work eventually. I think the problem is that you may be visiting during that site's maintanance time or some such.

The other thing is even without the free credits it's awesome to get the ap and ve bump, you can heal fast and get into action. Another thing is if you go fast enough, you may be able to buy something you can't afford at max VP. I like to do my clicking in the sanctuary so that I can go straight to the shop :P

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Ok on the free credits 2 question, there are 19 links on my voting page, so each time I click them all I get . 21 cents added to my ongoing total for the $2. Then after I get $2 I can supposedly transfer that to my MD shop credits, have yet to do it cause I still havn't got to the $2 mark, but as far as the ve/vp/hitpoints credits do all of those accumulate over the entire waiting for $2 credit mark and then transfer when you transfer the credits to your MD shop balance? And are they a one time get and use credit to those stats or are they a permanent addition?

I have not seen any bonus stat points the whole time I have been voting on this web page so was just wondering exacltly when we do get the bonus stats for voting also?

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You're supposed to get the VE/VP and action points once you click the links. They're temporary, not max, so any amount you get over your max value, you will lose with the regen counter.. Some reasons you may not see them appear:

First off, after a bit of time, the regen counter can lag. You may need to refresh to accurately gauge when the next regeneration is. Also, the stats don`t update until the little golden circle under your bars of stats has a bar at the top, or where the hands would be on a clock if it was 12 o`clock. If in the meantime the counter resets, you won't find any difference if you were fully healed. You can update your stats manually by refreshing the whole interface.

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