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A feast for the Elves


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(This started off as an idle in-game roleplay chitchat but it turned out quite fun, so we thought of posting it up for others to continue :D)


On a quiet night of winter at the Gazebo of Equilibrium, three ladies - Nepgear, Josephine and myself - were resting from the regular sparring and admiring the soon-to-be-decorated tree and the work that the Elves were doing.
Upon further thought, Josephine wondered if the elven workers needed something to eat - surely they were working long. She thus offered them some of her sandwich, which sparked an idea. One idea led to another and what was to be a little snack grew into something more. With agreement, I have recorded the little event, cleaned out the combat messages and now post it here.


[17/12/18 21:00] *Lintara*: *cheers for the elves* Woohoo!

[17/12/18 21:01] *Lintara*: *smiles and waves* Evening all!

[17/12/18 21:02] :Nepgear bows

[17/12/18 21:02] Nepgear:Good evening ~

[17/12/18 21:02] *Lintara*:Ah, rise, Neppy. It’s not some official meeting. *smiles* How are you today?

[17/12/18 21:03] Nepgear:Hmm, I’m alright

[17/12/18 21:03] Nepgear:How about you? *smiles*

[17/12/18 21:05] *Lintara*:Oh, tired but alright.

 [17/12/18 21:07] Fang Archbane:Mmm... pizza

[17/12/18 21:07] *Lintara*:Everybody loves a pizza

[17/12/18 21:10] Nepgear:I’ve wanted to ask.. In your opinion, what is the strongest creature in the realm right now?

[17/12/18 21:12] *Lintara*:Well... I don’t know exactly. It depends on circumstances and there are still some creatures I’ve not heard of or seen.

[17/12/18 21:12] Josephine:Hello *smiles*

[17/12/18 21:12] *Lintara*:Hi Josie! Have you met the elves yet?

[17/12/18 21:13] Josephine:I saw them earlier.. I did not want to distract them from their busy work

[17/12/18 21:14] Nepgear:Hello ~

[17/12/18 21:14] *Lintara*:Ah, don’t worry - they’re so diligent, they won’t bat an eye if you’ll play a tambourine at their side.

[17/12/18 21:30] *Lintara*:Hi Jakubhi!

 [17/12/18 21:31] Nepgear:Hello Jakubhi ~

[17/12/18 21:32] *Lintara*:Shall I set some defense or are trees good too?

[17/12/18 21:38] Nepgear:Good enough for me, but if the others need something else, that’s fine too

[17/12/18 21:54] Nepgear:Eh, I feel so lazy today

[17/12/18 21:54] *Lintara*: *laughs* That’s fine, you don’t have to grind every single day.

[17/12/18 21:57] Nepgear:Hmm... maybe you are right *chuckles*

[17/12/18 21:57] *Lintara*:I can’t raise my hand to grind today either. *smiles* But there’ll be other days for grind.

[17/12/18 21:58] *Lintara*:Ohh, Josie wrote something new!

[17/12/18 22:01] Josephine: *smiles* Not very exciting, I’m afraid.. but it’s me

[17/12/18 22:03] *Lintara*:Ah, simple start tends to be the best. Mine began with a doodle in a notebook one day.

[17/12/18 22:11] Nepgear:It’s nice to see the tree getting prepared bit by bit

[17/12/18 22:12] Nepgear:Reminds me of the time when I first arrived to this realm. It was not long before last Murmas.

[17/12/18 22:12] *Lintara*:It sure gets the hype going. Especially when it snows.

[17/12/18 22:43] Josephine: *offers the elves some of her half eaten sandwich* they must be tired and hungry by now

[17/12/18 22:45] *Lintara*:True, and they will be working for days now.

[17/12/18 22:45] Josephine:I shall make sure I bring provisions for them *nods and adds that to her list of things to do*

[17/12/18 22:47] *Lintara*:Oh, bushies should make a good snack. Umm... *rummages in her bag* Oh, hold on, I’ll go get a piece of tree bark. That would make a good platter for the bushies.

[17/12/18 22:47] Josephine:That’s a wonderful idea

 [17/12/18 22:53] *Lintara*: *darts back, holding a piece of bark and carefully places it onto the platform by the elves* A piece of bark, as the earth that grows life.

[17/12/18 22:54] *Lintara*:Hm, would lining it with aromatic and unidentified herbs be a bit too much?...

[17/12/18 22:56] Josephine:I think it would be a nice touch

[17/12/18 22:56] Josephine:All I have is a half eaten sandwich and a fluffy omelette... *frowns*

[17/12/18 22:57] *Lintara*: *chuckles a bit* Those are fine too. Eating just bushies would get boring for the elves.

[17/12/18 22:58] *Lintara*: *rummages in her bag and pulls out a bundle of aromatic herbs and a bundle of unidentified herbs* Josie, Neppy, come help me arrange these.

[17/12/18 22:59] Nepgear:Hm, alright ~

[17/12/18 22:59] :Josephine takes a few of the herbs and starts to arrange them delicately on a part of the bark

[17/12/18 22:59] Josephine:It’s like mystery salad..

[17/12/18 23:00] :*Lintara* passed Aromatic herbs to Josephine

[17/12/18 23:00] :Nepgear does her best to help with the arrangement of the leaves

[17/12/18 23:00] :*Lintara* passed Unidentified plants to Nepgear

[17/12/18 23:01] *Lintara*:Oh, oh, try to make it look like a nest.

[17/12/18 23:02] Nepgear:That’s a good idea, the bushies will look like eggs in it

[17/12/18 23:02] Josephine: *smiles and carefully weaves the herbs into a circular shape* I like that

[17/12/18 23:03] *Lintara*: *smiles, while placing tealeaves on the sides of the bark* It might help the elves feel more at home.

[17/12/18 23:06] Josephine:There we go! One herbnest

[17/12/18 23:07] *Lintara*:Excellent! Place it in the center over here

[17/12/18 23:07] :Josephine carefully moves the nest to the centre of the bark

[17/12/18 23:07] :Nepgear grins

[17/12/18 23:09] *Lintara*: *rummages in her bag and pulls out a handful of bushies* Hm, I think I’ll go grow another bush. 3 bushies are not enough for 4 working elves.

[17/12/18 23:10] Nepgear:I have some too

[17/12/18 23:10] :Nepgear passed Bushies to Lintara

[17/12/18 23:11] *Lintara*:Oh, thank you Nep! Meanwhile, could you and Josie place these rainbow candy in the nest? It would make for a sweet surprise for our worker over here.

[17/12/18 23:12] Josephine:I have a candy too! *places it gently in the nest*

[17/12/18 23:13] :Nepgear carefully places the rainbow candies in the nest, trying to make it look good

[17/12/18 23:13] *Lintara*: *looks in her bag* Ah, sorry. Looks like my Elu was hungry.

[17/12/18 23:13] :Josephine chuckles

[17/12/18 23:14] *Lintara*: *places one rainbow candy instead and arranges the candy into a circle shape, then places the 4 bushies* 4 Bushies for our 4 friends over here.

[17/12/18 23:14] Josephine:Oh I know! *places some gravel in a mound away from the tree*

[17/12/18 23:15] Josephine: *carefully puts a heat stone in the top of the mound* It will get cold too with the snow!

[17/12/18 23:15] :Josephine warms her hands

[17/12/18 23:16] *Lintara*:Good idea! Oh, I’ve even got a some branches *pulls out a handful of branches and arranges them in a cone around the stone.*

[17/12/18 23:17] Josephine: *smiles* oh it’s all lovely! I hope it cheers the elves up

[17/12/18 23:18] *Lintara*: *chuckles* Well this little branch tent for the fire sure picks up the mood.

[17/12/18 23:19] *Lintara*:Though I wonder... Do they drink? Bushie wine after all the bushies might be too much, but we’ve got plenty of water.

[17/12/18 23:20] Josephine:Oh good idea..

[17/12/18 23:20] Josephine:I have some mulled wine too!

[17/12/18 23:21] :Josephine passed Mulled wine to Lintara

[17/12/18 23:21] Josephine:Here, I’m sure there’s enough for all

[17/12/18 23:22] *Lintara*: *claps her hands excitedly* Splendid! *rummages in her bag* Well, these nut shells may be good for holding the drinks. What do you think?

[17/12/18 23:23] Josephine:Aww *chuckles* that’s actually perfect

[17/12/18 23:24] Nepgear:That could work *smiles*

[17/12/18 23:25] *Lintara*: *chuckles* Then these will be the finest cups. *sets aside 4 empty nut shells in a line by the festive tree bark* .

[17/12/18 23:27] *Lintara*: *carefully fills them with the mulled wine and hands it back to Josephine with a smile* Hold onto it, they may need refills later.

[17/12/18 23:27] :Josephine nods and smiles

[17/12/18 23:27] :*Lintara* passed Mulled wine to Josephine

[17/12/18 23:30] *Lintara*:Oh, this would make an excellent festive log. Is it okay if I’ll take records and post it up on the forums?

[17/12/18 23:31] Josephine:I don’t mind, it might get more people to look after the elves *smiles*

[17/12/18 23:33] *Lintara*:Neppy, what do you think?

[17/12/18 23:33] Nepgear:It’s fine by me *smiles*

[17/12/18 23:34] *Lintara*:Alrighty!

[17/12/18 23:34] :[Spell] Whispers of the past, please speak to the present

What else might the working elves need? :D 

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