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A New Moon, and a new Knight of the New Moon

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Herewith find a log of the recent occurrence at Wasp's Totem, which did find occasion to be bathed in nightfall.


Aia del Mana: *smiles* A fitting location.
Lazarus: Aia
Lazarus: Indeed so
Aia del Mana: Lazarus, may I commence of benediction?
Lazarus: Surely
: Lazarus bows his head down
: Aia del Mana kneels by the water's edge
Aia del Mana: Luna, may thy glory ever inhabit our Night.
Aia del Mana: We seek again of thy blessing this Night, upon thy humble servants, and upon the realm.
Aia del Mana: May we ever remain in cyclic balance; to bring Night to the Day, Darkness to the Light, and hope to the cursed.
: Aia del Mana turns her gaze towards the very narrow sliver of light illuminating the sky
Aia del Mana: The New Moon is upon us; with the New Moon
comes a new beginning.
Aia del Mana: Lazarus, dost thou pledge allegiance to the
Eclipse, and to the Night, and to the Queen of Loreroot?
: Lazarus meets Aia's gaze
Lazarus: I do
Aia del Mana: Luna hast gained a noble subject this Night.
Aia del Mana: She doth accept of thine offering of servitude; and in return, her blessings are thine.
: Lazarus bends one knee weakly while using his walking stick to support his weight
: Aia del Mana turns her gaze skyward again as the last sliver of light disappears, plunging the forest into a pitch black
: Aia del Mana places her hands gently upon Lazarus's shoulders
Aia del Mana: Arise, Lazarus, noble Knight of the New Moon.
Lazarus: I, Lazarus of Necrovion, swear to protect the realm with all my might for as long as I exist and as long as my faith requires of me to.
Lazarus: Serve the Loreroot, the Night and the Queen.
: Lazarus rises up
Aia del Mana: May Luna's gaze ever rest upon thee, Lazarus of the New Moon.
Nepgear: Congratulations! *smiles*
: Lazarus nods in gratitude to both Aia and Nepgear
: Nepgear fails to defeat Aia del Mana
Lazarus: It is fate that made this, it shan't be forgotten
Aia del Mana: *turns her eyes skyward again* Protect this one, as he doth protect of balance.
: Aia del Mana watches as a small sliver of light appears on the other side of the Moon
Aia del Mana: Blessed be, Lazarus.


Edited by Aia del Mana
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