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suggestion for new features


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I got this message.

What do u say? :lol:

From: Telemavorr

suggestion for new features

List of suggestions for things I would like to see added :

(1). Creatures that breed and reproduce - the resulting younglings could be traded between players and shops.

(2). A reward for solving puzzles - the option to become "invisible" and not have your name show up on screen when you enter a place on the map - for those times when you are not in the mood to be attacked.

(3). Much more roaming enemy NPC creatures for players to fight - I don't enjoy fighting my brother players just for experience, and would prefer to fight monsters.

(4). More co operative play - a moderator could visit a sanctuary and give a "call to arms", and all volunteers could go to a place on the map to repell invading shade forces or to rescue hostages from the shades.

(5). A living item for the inventory - steeds - living ceratures that you can ride on, and which give you combat bonuses for attacking as a cavalry unit.

(6). A circus maximus where warriors can gather to test themselves as gladiators / pit fighters. Higher level players would be able to bet gold on the outcome of bouts.

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(1) Miracle potion! Or perhaps, capture two of one kind and put them in the daycare center. Oh wait, of opposite sex? I don't know of any female knators..

*cough* Sorry, that kind of stuff reminds me of Harvest Moon and Pokemon. Anyway, creatures are supposed to materialize aspects of the player, I think. Having offspring from your different characteristics sounds a bit funny. I dunno, maybe it could be made to work somehow.

(2) Hmm.. I don't know where, but I think I heard that you will be able to achieve the "invisible" effect with magic, either spells or principles. If not, I don't see why it'd have to be the reward for solving a puzzle rather than magic, although perhaps solving a puzzle could give you some insight into a specific principle or spell.

(3) I think more npcs will be implemented, but pvp is one of the main features of MD. You'll get used to the combat system and crafting def-rits/counter-rits by observing the dynamic actions of others. Why do you prefer fighting "monsters" to humans? It's not like you're killing your "brothers," you all fight each other to gain experience and better yourselves.

(4) Maybe you should join Wodin's army in case of war ;) I think the combat will mostly be between the alliances/armies, but maybe there will be shades. Or perhaps you'll unlock some npcs (including shades) if you take a certain route in the story, when that is finished.

(5) I dunno.. it's not you who fights, or at least not your body. It's your creatures.. So for the steed thing to work, I'd assume it'd be like armor, and it'd give you initiative. n_n; But I believe there will be some creatures that are mounts/have mounts.

(6) I like this one; it sounds like a variation of head contests except 1 on 1 and with betting.

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a)Wild fights running against NPC's, with possibility of capturing!

b)food for creatures

c)'homes' for players and guilds, with hoards for treashure and stuff, which can be defended by players, and monsters left at apropriate gateways.

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a) Pokemon! n_n; Personally, I think magicduel can quite well do without the breeding and capturing. More npcs is nice, but I also like the pvp system. Wouldn't you think that random npc fights would be less challenging? Even if some sort of AI system was implemented so the rituals are intelligent, they might become redundant after a while.

b) What purpose would this go to? Creatures are like extended parts of yourself. They depend entirely on you, and they have no need for food or such things because you give them vital energy.

c) I believe the capitals of each land are going to come into play with alliances somehow in the future, although I don't know. But consider that alliances are already defending their lands and other treasures; if one side loses, gameplay will be affected through the adventure log.

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c) there was talk a long while back now(i have a selectively brilliant long term memory) of each player having their own home somewhere on the map(poss a new area entirely) this would require more drawing etc. obviously. the idea was a private sanctuary or something and you would be able to invite other players there if you wanted

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1/6 One of the things I really like about this game is the $$$/gold is not involved. At a certain point in games like that players become about money/selling/shops and not the regular game play. Insider trading deals give certain players advantages. I would not be for something that added player trading exchange to the deal. Barring that though.

1) I think it would be awesome if creats could reproduce. Questions...would you just need two of something, or would male and female be differentiated? Would females cost more? How many offspring could a breeding pair make?

2) I am not so down with that, plus I think there will be a spell like that

3) I also like pvp, but I wouldn't mind more NPC battle. It's not that I want to fight more monsters, it's more like there being more quest, in game things to defeat. I dig that.

4) I like number 4. I think a lot of players feel left out in major game changing play, and the spots in alliances are very few, quite selective, and mostly full. It would be nice to have some kind of in game alert when something important is happening, so at least players could observe if not get involved.

5) I like the idea of a steed but not necessarily the bonus. Maybe a steed could provide you with 2x action pts?

6) I still don't like the gold, but a gladiator kind of thing would be fun. You could play for rank in your mp. Maybe win a stat or mp shop $.

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What purpose would this go to?

You can feed different aspect of yourself.

This is how I see it: with the right herbs, potions and stuff, harvested and carefully selected, one aspect is honed, where others are neglected. Say, you want to focus on aramor wariors. Rare and stronger creatures, however, suffer a setback, or receive no bonuses.

Why not have an all white healer rite, that's so fast, it can not be destroyed. Powered by the right magical parafernalia and food, like mushrooms and stuff.

With an extra dimention of 'food' this can become a possibility.

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Ok. I propose the next thing: we should make 2 lists: one with the really important stuff (ideas that will improve the game) and another one with things that will make your life easier (the possibility to PM all your adepts etc etc).

For this I think I will make 2 topics in which I will put the ideas.

Aaa..and I should make another topic in which I will put the really dumb ideas (but for this we need to find a way to vote how stupid an idea is).

What do you think?

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