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hmm a balancing possibility

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k now i was just joking around when i said it "Player not Balanced - Creature Refuss to fight", but it is actually sounding like a good idea. and can be expanded upon. Lately I have noticed, especially in mp4, that the loss ratio is far greater than the win ratio. MP5 isn't much better either. Possibly making creatures unique in the way they fight may help. example would be lets say the aramour is a balanced creature. It will only fight when the player is balanced. and then lets say the heretic archer is an unbalanced creature. it will oonly fight if your wins are equal to or greater than your losses. and the lorerootian archer(examples) is unbalanced the reverse way and will only fight if your losses are equal to or greater than wins. Thi idea can b expanded on i think so lets see what everyone can come up with when they put their brains together!!!

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omg, that is deep but also mind bogglingly complex.

I think if the creature page were a little easier to access and bring up each creatures stats this would be cool, but can you imagine the clicking and backclicking required to even find out who could fight a battle this way?

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Huh, it could offer a little incentive to stay balanced, and add a bit more strategy, but I'm not completely in favor of it.. Wouldn't that be quite a bit of work? I was thinking stick to the honor and exp rewards, just adjust.

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I think this would be an interesting addition to strategy IF the balance system is already working properly as intended. However, as it stands, this offers very little in solving the balance system's issues because

1. It is still not practical for everyone to stay close to balance.

2. The incentive to stay imbalanced still far outweighs the incentive to stay balanced.

Until the issues with the system are solved first, this suggestion would just change the usefulness of some creatures. It would add some strategic depth to the game, but it would not offer any means for players to execute those strategies.


This idea reminds me of when I first started the game and acquired my first creatures: The Aramor's (and later Heretic Archer's) description hint at the possibility that some creatures might be more or less willing to serve you depending on your "alignment". For example, I have the impression that Aramors and Elementals are willing to serve anyone regardless of their temperaments. Barren Souls and Trees might be unwilling to serve advocates of darkness, while Heretic Archers might favor the warmongers, etc.

I think there is a possibility that we might see the game develops in this direction (but we'd first need more creature choices), but it will probably tie to more than the honor system.

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I think this would actually Detract from the Strategy in battles, Assuming I understand you correctly.

If Only some of your Creatures work in whatever Balance State you are in then you can't use the Idea of Adjusting your Ritals to match against your Enemies. I also can't Imagine the Hassel for trying to Adjust your Balance after a Long Winning or Loosing Streak...

Perhaps a Little Variability in their Stats though.. Like if your Not at the Proper Balance for the Creature then you Lose 15% of their Stats...And if you Are in Their Balance you get 15% Bonus? Something like that maybe...

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