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Story mode shows up in Advancement diolag


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The UI still says



"Important: You will receive 4% bonus based on your current stats for each page of the story in the next MP level. It is a very good idea to increase your stats as much as you can before advancing to next mindpower level. The higher principles, stats and skills you have before advancing, the higher reward you will receive. This can make you have insanely high stats if used right and combined with the wait time bonus."


And "Story will continue with an other chapter after you reach MindPower Level 5."



I have been told by multiple players that the story still exists, just not in the same form, and that in no way does completing a chapter of story mode trigger this skill increase during the check when you advance. If this is true, I move that it at least be hidden (or removed to save code) until such a time that it is true again.

I would hate for players to not advance, seeking to boost stats to have no pay-off in the end.

Edit: Chew and Mur not sure if this goes here or in "Work In Progress" it can be moved wherever, just wanted to document

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I keep in MP3 for some other reason though, a thorough plan was also made in preparation for a huge stats boosting when the time come. And it includes investing an amount of credits to maximize that effect. 
it would still be frustrating to get nothing from it by even knowing stats are not that important. 

But I would be gladder to see the fight be more about strategy and art of spell other than stats accumulation.


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