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New weather spell - Dust Storm (or similar)


(i thought of it affecting rainwater, water, but it can also affect things like heat generation, buildings durability etc)

can be triggered in response to how many times pickaxes have been used (say, for 1k counted uses); with mining being an activity now, a dust storm can be particularly polluting

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Interesting, could timeless dust be gathered from the dust storm? (just a way for an uncommon resource to be able to be gathered would be interesting. 

I find the fact that you want it triggered by world-wide actions incredibly intriguing and thought-provoking. 

Could it also provide an impairment buff, like increase cost of movement throughout the realm by 1-5AP per scene (like it is more difficult to see through the dust, therefore more difficult to move?)

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Very interesting indeed... We not have many dry lands in MD for a dust storm be a common event, but certainly it could find its way by magic. The abrasive effect of the storm should affect the plants as well, wiping completely the herbs of an area or depleting these resources very fast... 

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1 hour ago, Steno said:

I find the fact that you want it triggered by world-wide actions incredibly intriguing and thought-provoking.

Weather such as rain, snow or sunny are realm-'created' or by magic; weather such as dust storm or heat overcharge (imagine all players having max erolin charge and not being able to lower it with fight_cause) can be done by magic or combined actions, voluntary or not, of a magnitude that would cause the disaster

8 minutes ago, Dhyone said:

Conjuring the forces of Golemus, through the dust and magical will to create a devastating dust storm

Yea, it could be an ingredient in spellstone creation of the said weather spell

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If you desire for it to be disastrous, then I fear the provisions discussed previously aren’t quite sufficient, particularly for such a difficult hurdle to reach. perhaps 10Ap per scene would suffice.

But also something could be gained from weathering such a storm, much like rainwater when it rains?
What is the timeframe within which the parameters have to be met for world-magic to occur? 24, 48, or 6 hours? A week?

The longer the time or the lower the threshold the less impact and less the inhabitants stand to lose or gain. 
Just some thoughts.

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This idea came to me when i was thinking about water treatment, so i'm stuck there (dust polluting rainwater); feel free to expand on other effects as you like. I just want to say that if this one can be tied to mining activity, then world-magic is not set to a fixed period of time.

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