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The telescope


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This is a writing quest, with 3 winners who'll get 1 g each (plus a 14th anniv creature for first). Not all submissions will get a place, even if there are three only. Judging will be affected by creativity and persuasiveness.

The theme is about something I've always wondered: what is outside MD? or what is outside the former cube? If we build an observatory somewhere and placed a powerful telescope there, what would we see? The void? Other cubes? Would there be a magic field that would make us see ourselves instead of ''what's really out there''?

Each submission should be at least 300 words and sent to me; contest starts tomorrow at midday ST and lasts for 72 hours, as per rule. Be creative and persuasive :) 



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Got an interesting one, so I'll share it, but I'm closing this anyway. 



When looking through a telescope out into the sky of MD, you see the sun, always the sun. It is almost forever bright in MD, on the rare occasion that you can see the stars and the moon, you must make the best of the opportunity that present itself. As you look into the sky you can see that the stars seem to move on their own in ways that are quite plainly visible through an ocular aid, such as a telescope.  Not every star moves all of the time, however. It has been noted that the number of moving stars in the sky, if possible to count, are not dissimilar to the number of entities that are currently present in the cube.

When examining these stars, one can see that many are stagnant, and if one has been a constant, or long-term examiner of the heavens, than they might have observed that many stars have never once moved from their position in the sky. This makes charting the heavens a not completely futile task, though in some time periods, the sheer number of moving stars was in the thousands, making it nigh impossible to perceive any change in the  heavens at all. Just as when all is in flux, it is almost impossible to even make the determination that there is change.

If one were to watch long enough, particularly when there is little movement, and continue watching one particular star as it moves, one may see moments where temporarily there seems to be something blocking the view of that star, perhaps planets, or cubes, or even black holes. It is easiest in these moments of interstellar eclipse, to notice that there are faintly glowing lines between many stars. These lines sometimes glow even brighter when two stars become very close. They seem to have moments of small flashes, as if there was some sort of contest between them. Though this does not happen with all stars, some seem a different shade or brightness, and they rarely have flashing interactions with other stars in close proximity.

Despite all of the movement of stars, some stars stay in a rough group together, even if almost the entirety of the group are active, they rarely stray from their group. Almost pulling the stars in their cluster with them when they move. There have been reports and sighting of entire large groups of stars, possibly galaxies of them, having flashing exchanges with other groups or galaxies of stars. It is unknown what causes them to have these interactions, however it is always clear when such massive convergences occur, that there are multiple eclipses occurring with the active groups. Sometimes, it even feels as though our own land is moving towards large grouping of other stars, intent to make contact. There have been theories that it is not in fact other stars that move, merely our star and our land that move, but this fails to explain or account for the independent movement of singular or groupings of stars.



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