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A constellation chart


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(the post will be updated with rewards tomorrow, as I have to check a few things and I can't concentrate on doing it now)

(This is a two-step contest, step two will begin after all submissions are made.)

First and foremost, you'll have to take a picture of the night sky in your area, so that all those twinkling stars are visible. Next, you either print it or work on it on your computer, but what you'll do is draw your own 12 constellations, creating whatever bizarre formations you want. After all, what are constellations if not asterisms with a story? Once those 12 are finished, you'll assign a month to each and assign to each month something representative for it, from your point of view, for 2020 - January could be the month of love, or the month of a disease, June could be the month of mango or whatever (associate for Oct, Nov and Dec what you think will happen for you). This is a personal work, it has to do more with your monthly activities or how you perceive them rather than what is happening everywhere.

In essence, you will be creating your own zodiac, and don't worry - this is how people did it waaay back. ''Oh, this group of stars shine most brightly this month, when calves are born. OK, let's call it TAURUS''. Bam, you had a constellation that you would watch for 30 years and still say 'I don't see it. It's nothing like a bull. I must be blind, but I just don't see it.'

Please post the picture and the associations here. Contest starts tomorrow at 10 p.m. ST and lasts 72 hours, as per rules of the AAA. Try not to be intimidated by the night sky - I sometimes thought of it beautiful, but most of the times I felt those stars will come crashing down aaanytime now. Watching the moon is soothing, though - looks cold, but still feels like the earth's friend...or something.

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